Math Concepts Series: Free Printables and Ideas for Teaching Double Digit Addition

April 28, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you working on double digit addition in your homeschool? This can be a scary concept to learn and understand. We’ve rounded up tons of Free Printables and Ideas for Teaching Double Digit Addition for you. 



This is the fourth post in a series that will cover math concepts that some children may struggle to understand or need extra help with. This post is full of fun, hands on ideas and free printables to help reinforce double digit addition concepts!

FREE Printables:
 2 Digit Addition with Regrouping Freebie
Double Digit Domino Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
Double Digit with Regrouping Worksheets
Double Digit Math Without Regrouping Posters
Monster Math Double Digit Addition
2 Digit Addition Worksheets without regrouping
Double Digits Verticle Addition with Carrying 50
3 Double Digit Addition Worksheets
Spider Themed Puzzles for Double Digit Addition Practice
Free spider themed puzzles for double-digit addition.
Minecraft Addition Worksheets – single, double and triple digit
FREE Minecraft Addition Worksheets

FREE Hands-on Activities:
Popsicle Stick Addition Game for Addition with Regrouping
Hands on Double Digit Addition, Manipulatives, Mini Lessons and an Anchor Chart
Double Digit Additon and Subtraction with Lego Bricks
Double Digit Around the Room Activity with free printables

Double Digit Addition with Racoon Regrouping Activity

Raccoon craft with a clothes pin for use in second grade math: this Regrouping Raccoon will help with regrouping double digit addition math problems!

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