Free Printables and Resources on Rocks and Fossils

April 10, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Geology is the science of the study of the Earth that deals with the rocks that the earth is composed of, and the chemical and physical changes that the earth is going through. If you are learning about Earth science in your homeschool, you will most likely be learning about geology and the study of rocks.

Children are fascinated with rock hunting, and rock collecting. Learning about rocks is a great way to engage your children in a fun, and interesting sub topic of science. Download some free fossils worksheets and rock printables to add to your study of geology. 

free printables and resources on rocks and fossils


Rocks and Fossils Worksheets

When you are learning about rocks that are found in the earth, you will most likely come across the topic of fossils! I love how homeschooling lets us go down so many different rabbit holes and areas of interest. Kids love to learn about fossils and how they are found. 

We have put together a ton of resources for you to be able to study both topics with your children. There are free printables, unit studies and lesson plans, as well as websites for even more research on both the topics of rocks and also fossils. Enjoy!

Rocks Printables

Free Printable Rock Cycle Worksheets

Types of Rocks Worksheet Printables

Learning About Rocks

The Handbook of Nature Study Blog has some wonderful studies and articles to learn and study rocks:

Rock Collections


3 types of rocks worksheets

Online Rock Resources:

Recommended Resource: The Geology Student Notebook

This geology notebook is a great resource to use when you are studying about rocks and fossils for earth science.

Geology Notebook

Fossils Worksheets

Printable Fossil Activity Worksheet

How Fossils Form 

Types of Fossils Printable

Printable Fossil Identification Chart

If you enjoy looking for fossils, this handy printable fossil identification chart is a great thing to take along with you. These fossil identification sheets cover different parts of the country, depending on where you are looking for fossils. 

Online Fossil Resources

Recommended Resource: The Fossils Student Notebook

This fossils notebook is a great resource to use when you are studying about rocks and fossils for earth science.

Fossils Notebook


In Conclusion

Learning about rocks and fossils can be fun for students. If you incorporate different activities when you teach about the 3 types of rocks, it makes it more enjoyable. 

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