Last Day of Homeschool Printables and Signs

May 28, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Many homeschoolers are wrapping up the end of their school year and getting ready for summer. If you are about to finish school, there are lots of fun things you can do with end of the school year printables to make the end of your homeschool year special.

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Wrapping up Your Homeschool Year

Do you school year round or do you take a break for the summer? We personally school through June, and take July and most of August off since our co-ops and homeschool classes usually start back up at the end of August.

Maybe you school year round, but need to “end” your school year at some point. May and June seem to be the most convenient times to “end” your homeschool year as regular school is getting out at that time, and summer camps and activities are starting up.

You may have seen all those adorable back to school printables and homeschool traditions like photos with grade signs and special breakfasts to kick off the school year. 

I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of end of the school year printables and some fun ideas to wrap up your homeschool year as a family.

Last Day of School Signs

It’s fun to take a photo of your kids on the first day of school and the last day of school so you can reflect on how much they have grown. Take a look at these free editable last day of school signs.

2021 Last Day of School Printable Sign – You can find cute, colorful signs to use to wrap up your school year for preschool – grade 12.

Last Day of School Sign Free Printable – These printables are black and white with a trendy scripted font. I bet high schoolers would prefer a sign like this. 

DIY End of the School Year Signs

If you’d rather create homemade signs, a DIY end of the school year sign could be a framed printable that your child decorates, or a handy chalkboard that you can erase and use with each child to hold while you capture their picture.

Whether or not your child is in preschool, kindergarten, or 7th grade, last day of school printables are fun for all ages and will be a keepsake for years to come. 

What types of printables are good for the end of the school year?

FREE End of the School Year Printables:

Browse through these end of school free downloads to grab some fun pages for your homeschool portfolio.

Printable Last Day of School Signs – These free printable last day of school signs are updated yearly and include printable pages for all grades.

End of the Year Homeschool Evaluation Printable – This printable form is as much for moms as it is for kids as it will help you evaluate your homeschool year once it has ended. 

Hello Summer! Last Day of School Printable Signs – These cure last day printables have a fun summer theme and will be appealing to older students.

End of the Year Preschool Certificates – Celebrate your preschool year with adorable last day of preschool printables. Includes two versions for boys and girls for PreK3, PreK4, and PreK.

End of  the School Year Questionnaire Printable Student and Parent Reflections – I love being able to reflect back over the school year and discuss what worked, what didn’t, and things we’d like to change. This is a great way to collect homeschool feedback from your kids. 

End of Year Homeschool Checklist – This handy printable end of the homeschool year checklist can help you make sure you didn’t miss anything important with your homeschool organization.

End-of-Year Homeschool Checklist

End of the School Year Tips and Helps:

12 Ideas to Help You Celebrate the Last Day of School with a free printable homeschool memories pack.

If you are approaching the end of the school year, you may be struggling with finishing. In All You Do has a great article that talks about 10 Ways to Ensure You Finish Your Homeschool Year Strong. There is even a free homeschool mom planner just for you!

14 page finishing strong homeschool mom planner

5 Ways to Celebrate the End of the Homeschool Year – The Southeast Homeschool Expo shared 5 ideas for fun ways to celebrate the end of your homeschool year. 

Key Tips for a Year End Homeschool Summary with Freebie – Use our free printable homeschool year summary sheets to review your school year.

Grab some FREE year-end homeschool summary sheets to help you end your homeschool year.

You may also be interested in these posts with instant downloads perfect for the end of your homeschool year!

Get Ready for a Portfolio Review with these Free Printables – Loads of free printables that you can use to make a homeschool portfolio for free.

Curriculum Buying and Planning Checklists and Resources – Stay on budget for the upcoming school year with our free planning sheets.

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