HUGE List of FREE Math Games!

May 28, 2015

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Math doesn’t have to be boring and dry, you can learn a lot when you play math games!


My girls get frustrated with math a lot. Honestly, I get frustrated with it too! There are some times when you just need to stop and take a break to save your sanity! This doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop though. I have been looking for some fun math games for my girls. Something to pull out for those rough days. I can’t believe how many FREE games I found!

Enjoy this HUGE list of FREE Math Games:

FREE Bump Math Games – printable board games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Math Scavenger Hunt
Jeopardy Math Game
Number Splash Game
Fractions Bingo
Pot of Gold Math Game
Times and Fractions Paper Games
FREE Angles Game
Doubles Facts Addition Game
Pizza Fractions Game
Super Hero Math Games: Catch a Villain
Printable Addition Bingo Games
Hundred Chart Games: Apple Picking Time
Cookie Sheet Math Facts Game
Games for Making Ten
Race to 100 and 5 in a Row Print and Play Number Game

FREE Dice Games
Skip Counting Mazes
FREE Skip Counting Puzzles
Rich Robots Game
Math Games with a Pair of Dice
Math Games with a Deck of Cards
Coordinate Plane Battleship
Gator Chompin’ Place Value Game
Fraction Fervor Math Game
Number Classification Old Maid Game
Math War
Middle School Math Games
Place Value Slider Game
Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game
Racing Math Facts Card Game

Lego Math:
Lego Math Games for Preschool
Lego Fraction Games
Duplo Blocks Tower matching cards
Preschool Lego Math
Lego Pattern Card Games
Lego Race to 20 Game
Lego Number Mat
Multiplying with Lego Bricks
Counting and Measuring with Lego
Lego Sudoku

Online Math Games:
Interactive Math Games from Mrs. Fullenkamp
Sheppard Software Math
Cool Math Games
Math Playground
Math Blaster
Primary Games Math
Softschools Math Games
Hoodah Math

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop has some really fun math freebies:
Storm the Castle Game (ages  Players pretend to be medieval soldiers attacking a castle and have to use their math skills along the way.
Loot the Pirate Ship (ages 8-11) Players operate ships and practice multiples, divisibility rules, and recognize prime numbers.
Sheep Herding Math Strategy Game (all ages) – math logic skills game
Professor Pig’s Magic Math is a mini living math curricula full of games and activities.

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