Free Hidden Picture Printable Activities for Kids

February 28, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you looking for some fun activities for your children? Printable activities that can keep them busy on a long road trip, in a waiting room or even quiet time? Try giving them a hidden picture printable and watch their brains work hard to find the hidden objects.

hidden picture printable activity sheets

Hidden Pictures Printable

Hidden pictures were a fun activity in a popular children’s magazine that you could find in doctor or dentist offices. My kids used to love searching for all of the hidden items from those feature pages.

Hidden picture printables look simple, but they can be just as difficult as printable logic puzzles for kids and even math oriented sudoku printables.

Free printable hidden pictures printables are a great way to really work the brain as your children go on a visual scavenger hunt to search for the hidden objects in the picture puzzles.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for our free Hidden Picture Printable Pack!

Picture Puzzle Worksheets with Hidden Objects

Picture games help students increase their ability to pay attention to small details. Following directions also teach children to focus and helps build observation skills. Picture puzzles are a great way to build thinking skills.

If you are looking for printable hidden pictures or online interactive hidden picture puzzles, you can find various themes and subjects below.

Printable Hidden Pictures Coloring Pages

When you find an object, color it with a colored pencil or crayon. You could also have your child circle it instead.

Hidden Pictures Coloring Page
Download this printable at the bottom of this post.

Free Hidden Pictures

Finding the hidden pictures printable activities are a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills. They also help with concentration. Your kids are going to love these. There are so many to choose from!

Collection of Printables – Close to 50 different printable hidden pictures for your kids to use. These will be fun to put in a folder and let them pull them out for quiet time.

Unicorn Hidden Pictures – If your kids love unicorns they will enjoy these find the unicorns hidden picture printables.

Hidden Pictures Page
Download this printable at the bottom of this post.

Easy Hidden Pictures Printables

Hidden Objects Coloring Pages – There are so many fun hidden objects coloring pages to choose from. Kids that enjoy cute coloring pages are really going to love these printables.

Bible Games – Learn about your favorite Bible stories with this informational coloring pages and hidden Bible picture activities.

Easy Hidden Pictures With Animals

Lots of Animal Printables – Your kids are going to enjoy these adorable animal hidden picture printables. They can color in the entire picture or just the items that they have found.

Animals in their Habitats – If you are learning about animals and animal habitats then these printables are for you! Find the hidden pictures and discuss the animal and the habitat that it lives in.

If your children love animal coloring pages they are going to have great fun with these animal themed hidden pictures worksheets.

Download this printable at the bottom of this post.

Fun Hidden Pictures Printables

World Travel – These hidden pictures have a fun world travel theme. There are 12 pages to choose from with famous world landmarks you would see travelling the world. These are more difficult, and great for older kids.

Highlights Printables – Free printable hidden picture puzzles just like the ones from the magazine. These are such a fun activity, however, they do not include an answer key like the original magazine ones did.

Nature Study Hidden Pictures Puzzles

American Desert Habitat – Find the hidden items in this beautiful desert habitat, then color the final picture of a desert scene with desert animals.

Search for Bugs – Learning about bugs or have children that are fascinated by them? Color the bugs in their natural habitat and search for the objects as you are coloring them.

Do you kids love leanring about bugs? Why not do an insects unit using living books and notebooking? The Big Book of Bugs is a great book on insects.

Hidden Picture Printables

Back to School – Talk about going back to school, or homeschool with these fun back to school themed printables. These 9 worksheets will help your younger children learn about shapes while searching for them.

Doodle Style Worksheet – Search for the hidden rabbits in this adorable doodle adult coloring page style hidden picture printable. This would look great colored with markers or colored pencils. The rabbits could even be colored one specific color to make them pop out.

Look and Find Picture Puzzles

Picture Activities – Look for the specific picture images and check them off as you find them.

Find the Objects – Find the objects that start with the letter A. This is a great addition to a letter study. Check them off and color them in as you find them.

Hidden Pictures at the beach
Download this printable at the bottom of this post.

Holiday Hidden Pictures

Holidays are always such a busy time for families. Sometimes school just doesn’t get done, but you still want your children kept busy and learning.

Giving them themed holiday hidden pictures printables is a great way to keep them occupied. Their brains will work hard to search for the objects and you can talk about the holiday as they are working through them.

Valentine’s Day Hidden Pictures Printable

Will you be My Valentine? – Cute doodle themed Valentine hidden picture worksheet. This will look adorable colored in bright Valentine’s colors.

Thanksgiving Hidden Picture Printable

Activities for Thanksgiving – 12 different Thanksgiving themed hidden picture shape worksheets. Search for food items, clothing items and miscellaneous shapes in the different Thanksgiving scenes.

Christmas Hidden Picture Puzzle Printable

Christmas Scene Printables – Color the 3 different Christmas themed scenes and search for the hidden items within the picture scenes.

New Years Hidden Picture Puzzles

New Years Day Puzzle – This is a fun hidden picture puzzle of a winter scene with a happy snowman and animals wishing you a Happy New Year’s Day.

Easter Printable Hidden Pictures

Great Easter Activity -Printables that have adorable Easter themes with objects to find and color. These would also be cute printed and stuffed into an Easter basket with a new package of pens or markers.

winter theme hidden pictures
Download this printable at the bottom of this post.

Hidden Pictures Online Games

Highlights Online Games – Everyone loves Highlights magazine hidden pictures. Now they have some really fun online hidden picture games for your kids to play. They are really colorful and have fun themes and even music playing in the background.

Hidden Forest – Play this fun online game where you need to search and find the objects that are hidden in the forest.

More Printable Puzzles

  • Crossword Puzzles for Teens – Crossword puzzles are a great exercise to get your teens thinking about words and spelling of words. There are so many fun ones to choose from.
  • Free Printable Puzzles for Kids – Printable puzzles are a fun and cheap activity to keep your kids busy. They can even be laminated to use over and over again.
  • Tangram Puzzles Printable – Challenge your kids critical thinking skills with these Tangram geometrical shape puzzles. These are a great addition to math lessons as well.
  • Free Printable Mazes for Kids – Learn about the benefits of mazes and find a ton of free printable mazes for kids of all ages. There are so many to choose from broken down by subjects and grade levels.

Free Printable Hidden Pictures Printable PDF

Our free printable hidden picture printable has five pages of hidden picture fun! Your kids can use colored pencils, crayons or markers to color the pages and circle what they find.

Click the Instant Download at the bottom of the post to download the pdf.

Hidden Pictures Coloring Pages PDF Download

Instant Download Hidden Pictures PDF Printable

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