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July 27, 2018

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Helen Keller is an amazing woman to study when you are learning about people with disabilities, and learning about the deaf and the blind. I remember watching The Miracle Worker when I was younger and I was blown away by all that she overcame and the relationship and friendship between her and her teacher Anne Sullivan.

Helen-Keller_pin-700x1057Helen Keller

If you are learning about those with disabilities in your homeschool, studying biographies of famous people, or have a child that is interested in going into special needs therapy, you will definitely want to learn about Helen Keller. There are so many resources available to do an entire unit study on her.

Helen Keller was born June 27, 1880 as a healthy baby girl. She became seriously ill when she was only 19 months old. The high fever and her illness caused her to become deaf and blind. Since she could not see or hear, her parents weren’t sure how to communicate with her and she became a very wild child.

This is when her teacher Anne Sullivan, came to train and teach her how to communicate. Helen was determined to learn and to go to school. She was the very first deafblind person to receive a Bachelor’s degree!

Helen Keller’s Bioragphy


Helen Keller Worksheets Free

Braille for Kids

Braille is a five-dot finger-tip system with fifty-six possible combinations that represent alphanumeric characters using those five dots. The dots even include punctuation marks such as commas, periods, colons, and hyphens.

Check out this post on braille for kids to help them learn more about it with free printables and games. 

Helen Keller Unit Study

Helen Keller Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom 
Helen Keller Online Unit Study



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