FREE Types of Whales Matching Game

September 12, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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This FREE Types of Whales Matching Game is a fun way to introduce your elementary students to twelve different types of whales.

Types of Whales Matching Game text with image of a whale jumping out of the water

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Learning About Types of Whales

I have to confess that living as far inland as I do, I don’t think much about different types of whales. In my mind, a whale is usually just a whale. But that’s ridiculous when I stop to think about it.

I wouldn’t say a dog is just a dog. Each breed has its own traits and personalities, and while I don’t know if whales have personalities or not, I know that each species has special traits that make it unique.

For example, do you kids know which species of whale is the largest animal to have ever lived? What about the second-largest species of living whales? Do they know which ones can have a foot of blubber beneath their skin or which ones are famous for their songs?

FREE Types of Whales Matching Game

This FREE Types of Whales Matching Game has two levels of difficulty so elementary kids of all ages can play. Younger kids can match picture to picture, while older kids can match the picture to the fact.

You decide if you want each child to have a printout of the correct matches or if you want to quiz their knowledge of whales after you’ve studied them and see what they remember!

Learn about the following types of whales:

  • Baird’s beaked whale
  • beluga
  • blue
  • bowhead
  • fin
  • gray
  • humpback
  • minke
  • narwhal
  • killer/orca
  • sei
  • sperm

It’s quick and easy to print, cut apart, and play. Have fun together while expanding your knowledge of ocean life with this FREE Types of Whales Matching Game today!

Click to Download >>> FREE Types of Whales Matching Game

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