FREE Types of Trees Guided Drawing

April 27, 2021

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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There are so many fascinating things to learn about trees! They are so much more than tall green plants with leaves. They are complex and diverse. Help your kids learn more about trees and discover ten amazing kinds of trees with this FREE Types of Trees Guided Drawing unit. 

an image of a singular huge tree in the middle of no where outside with text Types of Trees Guided Drawing

This FREE Types of Trees Guided Drawing unit is a great way to combine art and science for your students. They’ll have the chance to read about ten different kinds of trees and then practice drawing an example of each one. They can draw half the image or the entire image on the grids provided. A short review quiz is also included for checking reading comprehension. In this unit, students will learn about the following: 

  • acacia
  • almond
  • bald cypress
  • cashew
  • coast redwood
  • coconut palm
  • date palm
  • eucalyptus
  • palo verde
  • spruce

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Instant Download: FREE Types of Trees Guided Drawing


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