FREE Types of Government Cheat Sheets

January 20, 2021

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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It can be tricky to keep track of what types of governments different countries have. From authoritarian regimes to constitutional federal republics, there are numerous types and almost no end to the variations. These FREE Types of Government Cheat Sheets give teens a quick way to reference what type of government a country has. They also include definitions of more than 30 related terms. 

FREE Types of Government Cheat Sheets


Understanding what type of government a nation has is critical to understanding modern history. You can help your teens and give them a quick reference guide with these FREE Types of Government Cheat Sheets. They include a list of all 199 independent nations in the world, organized alphabetically by continent or region. They also include a guide to the definitions of these 31 government related terms: 

  • absolute monarchy
  • anarchy
  • authoritarian
  • commonwealth
  • communist
  • confederacy
  • constitutional
  • constitutional democracy
  • constitutional monarchy
  • democracy
  • democratic republic
  • dictatorship
  • ecclesiastical
  • emirate
  • federal
  • federal republic 
  • Islamic republic
  • Maoism
  • Marxism
  • Marxism-Leninism
  • monarchy
  • oligarchy
  • parliamentary democracy
  • parliamentary government
  • parliamentary monarchy
  • presidential
  • republic
  • socialism
  • sultanate
  • theocracy
  • totalitarian 

It’s a great way to help kids learn more about the types of government around the world and can lead to important discussions about what works, what doesn’t work, and why. 

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Would you like to go deeper in your study of United States government or the 199 nations of the world? Check out these exciting resources! 

Geography Activity Pack workbook cover with a white colored background

Students will explore every independent country in the world plus discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes with this huge Geography Activity Pack


Come check out: 

  • Cheat sheets for learning 130 physical features
  • Cheat sheets for 199 countries, capitals, continents, and regions
  • Worksheets for students to label 130 physical features
  • Worksheets for students to label all 199 countries
  • Fact cards with maps of the regions of the world along with the countries found in each and their capitals
  • Blank fact cards with maps of the regions of the world along with the countries found in each with blanks for students to write their capitals

United States Government workbook cover

Understanding how the government is designed to work is a critical part of learning to be a good citizen and how to vote responsibly. This U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook takes a closer look at the three branches of government as well as many of the departments and agencies that impact our daily lives.


It includes: 

  • 14 executive branch anchor charts
  • 2 judicial Branch anchor charts
  • 2 legislative branch anchor charts
  • 18 review worksheets
  • answer key

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