45-Page FREE Ship Vocabulary Print Copywork

December 24, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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There is something about ships and life at sea that stirs a sense of adventure and captures the imagination. Help students understand the stories they read about seafaring adventures with this FREE Ship Vocabulary Print Copywork.

Parts of Ships Vocabulary Copywork

I remember trying to read a Robert Louis Stevenson classic as a kid and holding it in one hand and a dictionary in the other hand. It wasn’t the most enjoyable way to get lost in a book! This FREE Ship Vocabulary Print Copywork helps kids learn the meanings of 40 different ship-related words. They’ll discover:

  • amphibious ship
  • anchor
  • astern
  • aweigh
  • ballast
  • boom
  • bow
  • bowsprit
  • bridge
  • broadside
  • bulkhead
  • davits
  • deadeye
  • deck
  • factory trawlers
  • foremast
  • frigate
  • gaff
  • galley
  • halyard
  • helm
  • hull
  • icebreakers
  • jib
  • keel
  • lanyard
  • larboard
  • mainmast
  • mast
  • masthead
  • mizzen
  • mooring lines
  • port
  • rigging
  • rudder
  • starboard
  • stern
  • tankers
  • topgallant sail
  • topsail

They can sharpen their handwriting skills, be better prepared to enjoy wonderful literature, and even express their artistic abilities by coloring the geometrically-themed borders on the worksheets with this FREE Ship Vocabulary Print Copywork

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