FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork

March 19, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Opportunities to read about what life was like in colonial America abound. Help your kids understand more of what they are reading with this FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork

water wheel and mill


Help your students learn the meaning of twenty words related to colonial life in America with this FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork. Not only will it help them in history, it can help them improve their handwriting as well. 

When they read about what people were wearing, do they know what breeches were or who wore a waistcoat? Do they know why a springhouse was important or what a trencher was? Do they know why the charter was an important document or what the House of Burgesses was? 

This FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork gives them the chance to learn about all of this and more. Each word is first defined. Then print copywork pages follow where students can copy the terms and definitions. Each page is bordered in fun geometric shapes so kids can color and design their own page decorations, too, if they choose. 

In this unit, students will learn about: 

  • breeches
  • charter
  • copy book
  • dependencies
  • gaol
  • gristmill
  • hornbook
  • House of Burgesses
  • indigo
  • magazine
  • necessaries
  • primer
  • proprietor
  • Puritans
  • smokehouse
  • springhouse
  • tallow
  • trencher
  • tricorne
  • waistcoats 

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Scroll down to get your FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork today!

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Living in the Colonial Times workbook cover and image examples of pages from the workbook

Instant Download: FREE Colonial Life Terminology Copywork

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