FREE Resources for Learning About the Eyes and Sight

January 11, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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The human eye is an amazing thing. Our sight is a special gift that allows us to see the world around us. It is one of the five senses. All of our senses are important, but our eyes and the sense of sight is something that is not to be taken for granted. 

FREE Resources for Learning About the Eyes and Sight text with image of a boy wearing glasses


Are you learning about the human body in your homeschool? Or maybe you are wanting to teach your children the five senses and dig deeper by doing a unit study on the human eye. When learning about the human eye, you may also want to study vision, and learn more about eye doctors and their careers.

And before you know it, you are down the rabbit hole of learning more and more! Homeschooling is enjoyable because there  is so much flexibility to learn about many different things that are connected. They can be learned along side each topic by creating your own unit studies and themed lessons that complement each other.

FREE Resources for Learning About the Eyes and Sight:

The Human Eye:

These resources will go well with any unit study on sight. They are also great to expand further upon while doing a study on the Human Body. There are lots of free printables, labeling activities, printable dissections, drawing videos and more!

Parts of the Eye Nomenclature CardsThe Helpful Garden

Learning the Parts of the Human EyeThe Pinay Homeschooler

How do We See? 

Learning About the Eyes and Patricia BathSimple Creative Learning

Learn the Anatomy of the Eye with Quizzes and DiagramsKen Hub

Human Eye Crafts and Activities –  There are printable optical illusion activities, eye diagram worksheets, color blind test and more – The Crafty Classroom 

Printable Optical Illusions & Tricks Activities

Learn About the Different Parts of the EyeESL Forums

FREE Unit Study on the Human Eye with Labeling Worksheets, Book Ideas and Dissection Activity – Layers of Learning

Learning About the Eyes: Making an After ImagesDeceptively Educational

Human Eye Coloring Page

Ellen McHenry’s Basement always has some amazing hands-on activities. She has some great lessons on the human eye to go with her human body and brain science curriculum. These lessons are free:

The Eye Human Body Lesson Plan Preview – FREE with a 75 minute drawing lesson, templates and printables. 

Physiology of the Eye – FREE video drawing lesson on how the eye functions with lesson plans and experiments.

Cut and Assemble Paper Model of the Human Eye with downloadable patterns and detailed instructions.


Learn About Eye Doctors (Opticians):

Learn about what an optician is, and explore their career with some pretend play activities. This is great for younger children.

Optician’s Office Pretend Play ActivitiesCastle View Academy

Printable Dr.’s Eye Chart PosterEarly Learning HQ

Opticians Role Play Printable PackTwinkl

Eye Doctor Printable PackSimple Living Creative Learning

Eye Doctor Printable Pack of worksheets

Sense of Sight Games, Activities and Printables:

These activities and printables are perfect for a 5 senses study. They are also a lot of fun for kids who enjoy hands-on learning activities.

Sense of Sight Blindfold GamesPreKinders 

5 Ways to Explore the Sense of SightLearn Play Imagine

Sense of Sight Activities for Babies, Toddlers and PreschoolersEngineering Family

Five Senses Emergent Reader My Eyes Can SeeMaking Learning Fun

Three Activities to Learn About the Sense of SightStay at Home Educator

Exploring the Sense of SightHow Wee Learn

My Sense of Sight Free Printable BookTPT

If you are learning about sight, you may want to learn about what it would be like without sight.

Check out these resources:

Resources for Teaching Your Kids About Braille

Helen Keller Unit Study and FREE Printables 

FREE Resources for Learning About the Eyes and Sight text with image of a boy wearing glasses

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