FREE Resources for Learning about Sea Turtles

October 21, 2020

Stacey Jones

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Sea turtles are amazingly large reptiles that can be found in all the oceans of the world, except the Arctic, which is too cold for them. With only seven different species and many being threatened or endangered, learning about sea turtles and how to protect them is a fascinating study for kids of all ages.

FREE Resources for Learning about Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Resources

Helping kids to understand more about animals that are at risk of extinction is important. There are many ways that each and every one of us can help increase the chances of survival for these amazing creatures. After learning about sea turtles through a sea turtle or ocean unit, children will not only have a better understanding of how these animals live and breed, but things that they can do to help the population of sea turtles grow.

For kids who are just learning to read and write, they will love learning about the life cycle of sea turtles with these fun easy read books.

Young children who love hands-on activities will love this fun and exciting Sea Turtle Lapbook. With so many elements to complete, they will learn so much while enjoying putting it all together.

These sea turtle life cycle printables are a great way for kids in prek through grade 2 to learn more about sea turtles and their life cycle.

These cute turtle size sequencing cards are a great way for young children to learn about the life cycle of the hawksbill sea turtle while working on their fine motor and sequencing skills.

After studying about the life cycle of sea turtles, children can complete one of these flip books writing what they have learnt in their own words. They may also enjoy these Sea Turtle Notebooking Pages which contains pages for the life cycle as well as for the seven different species of sea turtles. Here are some other great notebooking pages they may like as well.

For those kids who struggle with their emotions, these sea turtle emotion flashcards could be used to help them learn to express themselves more clearly.

If you are looking for some books about turtles to use with your studies, here are some great options or if you are looking for some awesome fun facts about sea turtles, check these out!

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