Free Resources for Learning About Forces and Motion

May 15, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Learning about force and motion can be really fun in your homeschool Take an opportunity to make science fun, with these free resources for learning about forces and motion.

Free Resources for Learning About Forces and Motion

If your child is inquisitive and has lots of questions, then you can’t go wrong with lessons on force and motion. They can find out so many cool and interesting things.

For instance, your kids can learn that they can sit as still as possible, yet they will always be moving. They are moving because the universe is always moving.

Even though it looks as if things like your bed, the couch or house is standing still or at rest… they aren’t. Everything in the world is always in constant motion.

This is because matter (anything that has mass and takes up space = matter) in the universe is filled with atoms that always vibrate with energy.

Your kids are little active things, but I bet they will never stop to wonder why that is even possible. How is that they can kick a ball and it fly up in the air — then come back down.

Sir Isaac Newton sought to answer these very questions and came up with the laws of force and motion.

Find out more about Sir Isaac Newton with the FREE resources below:

FREE Printables and Resources About Isaac Newton

Free Printables and Resources About Isaac Newton

(FREE Mini-Course) Let’s Study Isaac Newton: A Life of Discovery

Free Mini Course Isaac Newton

Motion is the changing of any position and location. It isn’t just a moving car, running, or jumping. The thing about motion is that it requires a force to cause its change.

Force is just a fancy word for a pull and push. Any pull or any push is a force. There are two types of natural forces and six types of contact forces.

The two natural forces are gravity and magnetic forces. The six contact forces are the normal force, applied force, frictional force, tension force, spring force, and resisting force.

When kids learn about forces and motion, it wouldn’t be the same as only studying what they are and reading about examples. Literary components alone when studying force and motion are only the beginning of the journey.

Add videos, experiments, activities, and printables to get the full experience and understanding of force and motion in your homeschool.

These resources can help you teach forces and motion:

5 STEM Lesson Plans to Teach Forces of Motion | Science Buddies

Teaching Ideas for Force & Motion and Patterns in Motion | What I Have Learned

Explore these FREE laws of motion experiments and activities:

19 Fun Ideas & Resources for Force and Motion | Teach Junkie

10 Awesome Force and Motion Activities and Extra Resources | The Discovery Apple

24 Elementary Force and Motion Experiments & Activities | Teach Junkie

Force and Motion Engaging and Fun Activities for Kids | The Barefoot Teacher

FREE Resources for Learning About Forces and Motion by Shannan Swindler

Why Do We Wear Seatbelts?

Videos for kids to study force and motion:

Force and Motion – Science Video for Kids | Turtlediary

Force and Motion (Video) | Elesapiens

FORCE and MOTION – Cool Science Experiments for KIDS | Gideon’s World

Grab these FREE resources for learning about forces and motion:

Newton’s Laws, Forces in Motion, Simple Machines FREE Unit Homework | Science from Murf LLC

FREE Learn About Force |

How does it move? A sight word mini-book – FREE | Little Lifelong Learners

Force and Motion Experiment with FREE Printable | TeachJunkie

Push and Pull – Direction of Motion FREE (Kindergarten) | HelpTeaching

Inclined Planes Simple Machines FREE Lesson | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

STEM Force and Motion FREEBIE | First Grade Blue Skies

Force, Motion, and Simple Machines FREE Task Cards | Beckie L

30 FREE Card Force & Motion Bingo | My FREE Bingo Cards

Force and Motion FREEBIE: Race Car Theme | ideas by jivey

Forces and Motion Would you Rather Questions FREE | Llama with Class

FREE Force & Motion Vocabulary Flashcards | Classroom Compulsion

Forces of Motion FREE Worksheet | Have Fun Teaching

FREE “Once Upon a STEM” Story, Journal, and Challenge! | Education to the Core

FREE Pushing and Pulls: Forces and Motion Worksheet Bundle (PDF) | Help Teaching

Force of Motion FREE Chart and Download | Mrs Jones Creation Station

Fabulous Force and Motion FREE Download | 3 Teacher Chicks

Motion & Force FREE Printables, Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and more | Teacher Planet

Force and Motion Activity FREE Games and Worksheets | Ecosystem for Kids

FREE Force and Motion Little Readers | Liz’s Early Learning Spot

Fun Exercises for Newton’s Laws of Motion (FREE PDFs) | ThoughtCo.

May the Force Be With You! and a FREEBIE! | Wild About Teaching

Free Resources for Learning About Forces and Motion

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