Free Printables and Worksheets For Football Fans

January 18, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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From what I understand, there has been a decrease in football ratings over the last few years. However, that doesn’t stop football from being one of the best and most popular sports in America today. Grab these fun, free printables and worksheets for football fans in your homeschool to enjoy.

Free Printables and Worksheets For Football Fans text with background image of a football helmet and football


We live overseas (in the Kingdom of Tonga) where there is absolutely no American football. This is pretty unfortunate since the boys here are absolutely built for such a sport.

Many boys here have tree trunks for legs, run incredibly well, and hit like mac trucks. As a matter of fact, some of our friends in America call my husband “Concrete” just because of his build.

A part of me sometimes thinks about my son (10 years old now) playing peewee football league in his little cleats and football gear scoring a touchdown. I really appreciate the idea of kids playing team sports.

I understand the benefits of team sports and what they can do for our children. I am not saying all kids should join sports. I am saying that sports have the potential of teaching our children a few good things while they are young.

Team-sports can benefit our children with: 

1. Interest-based learning

Learning sports does not have to be limited to play. You can use sports to teach your kids the history of that sport, who plays it, how it works, and even just do learning themes with that sport.

You can create a whole unit study in your homeschool around that sport with themed activities, themed printables and worksheets for different subjects (some are provided below), geography, history, and so much more. Teaching your child with themes that interest them increases what they learn and remember.

2. Learning outside of the box “stuff”

For instance, team sports provide you with an opportunity to grow your child’s knowledge base in a specific subject, like football.

We want our kids to be social; we want them to be able to enjoy things and find things they love. If you find your child enjoys a sport, teach them some cool facts about it so they can understand it better and so they can do a deep dive into something they are interested in.

Here are some interesting facts about American football that your football-fan homeschooler can learn:

-Canada was the first to integrate things like tackles and an oval ball into the American game.

– The football is oval-shaped because the first footballs were made from inflated pig bladders which have an oval shape.

– The National Football League (NFL) was formed in 1920 and only had 10 teams. The American League now has 32  teams.

– Canada has its own league called the Canadian Football League (CFL).

– Football actually evolved from rugby football. Its first game was played between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869.

– An NFL rookie earns an absolute minimum of $420,000 (USD) per year. A rookie! Note: I am trying to get my son to be a kicker after he plays rugby; we will see how that goes. He has no idea about my plans for his sporting career just yet.

 3. Teamwork

A little child is content with a toy, another kid walks in the room with another toy, and immediately the first child wants the other toy. He doesn’t want to share it; he wants it for himself. Teamwork is something learned, and being part of a sports team can help teach your kids all about it.

In football, if kids don’t work as a team, the play fails. So the kids have to learn to work with each other and know that one play needs everyone to be on board. Kids have to trust each other, and games like football force kids to learn the value of working together to achieve a goal. 

4. Discipline

It takes an enormous amount of dedication and discipline to play a sport. Kids understand that they cannot become better players if they only show up. Even the best player still has to learn different skills, improve, and learn the plays, especially in a sport like football.

5. Perseverance

How easy is it for us to give up on things? It’s hard to stick to things even as adults. Sports teach kids the value of pushing through the difficult times, when things are not easy, or when you don’t feel like it.

6. Adjustment and the ability to change

Particularly in a sport like football, kids need to adapt to change. Whether it be a new play they have to suddenly be prepared for or a player that needs to be changed in the game, sports help kids adjust.

When kids can learn to adjust while they are young in sports, then they are better equipped to face the ever changing world we live in today.

There are so many other benefits to our children playing sports like creating healthy habits, exercise, keeping them active, developing a good work ethic, and more.

If you have a child who is interested in football, help him or her in whatever way you can to learn all about it.

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Free Printables and Worksheets For Football Fans text with background image of a football helmet and football

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