Free Printables and Unit Studies About Frogs

April 8, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If you know what F.R.O.G. means for Christians, then these free printables and unit studies about frogs will be a great way to introduce it to your kids.

Free Printables and Unit Studies About Frogs text with image of hands cup holding a frog

Ever go to a Christian home and see a frog theme somewhere in their home?

I will not lie that when I first came to know the Lord, I would notice some ladies who would have a shelf full of different frogs or frog magnets.

I never thought much of it. I figured it was like someone who had an affinity for dolphins or elephants.

Until I asked a lady why she liked frogs so much, and she explained to me what it signified.

Those frogs opened up a window for her to share her testimony with me. Because she went through so much in her past, she had to learn how to Fully Rely On God (F.R.O.G).

Ever since then, I keep an eye out for a frog or two in the homes of friends. It helps me to remember what these frogs signify.

They signify trials that forced the believer to seek God and to look to Him for strength during a struggle or temptation.

Remember that when teaching your kids about frogs. Take the moment to teach your kids about what exactly this acronym means as it pertains to the Gospel.

Here are some F.R.O.G printables that will help:

F.R.O.G Cut and Paste FREE Activity | Twisty Noodle

Remember to F.R.O.G. and some *FREEBIES* | Heathers Heart

There are so many cool things to learn about frogs themselves, too. Kids can learn about their life cycle, their habitats, and so much more.

Did you know there are over 4,700 different species of frogs?

How about that frogs go into hibernation and form a new layer of bones during that period?

They croak to attract female mates and they “drink” water through their skin.

Explore these free printables and unit studies about frogs for an amazing homeschool unit:

Frog unit studies:

Frog Life Cycle Unit Study | In All Your Do

Frog Life Cycle Unit Study text with green background and image of five different frog life cycle worksheets fanned out

Homeschool Frog Unit | Sunray-Farms

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Resources about a frog’s habitat in a pond:

FREE Who Lives in The Pond Printable Activity | Teaching 2 and 3-year-olds

Ponds Unit Study | Wildflowers by Sarah

FREE Pond Life Resources | Something2Offer

Frog & Pond Habitat Sensory Bin | Life Over C’s

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Reading resources and movies about frogs:

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Frog-themed hands-on activities:

5 Montessori-Inspired Frog Activities | Mamas Happy Have

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All about frog life cycle resources:

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Frog Life Cycle Activities text and image of a frog outside in a pond of water

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Crafts all about frogs:

Frog Life Cycle Craft for Kids | Still Playing School

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Printables to go alongside your lessons on frogs:

Printables to Help your Kids Learn About Amphibians

Amphibians & Reptiles Guided Drawing

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images of a free printable pack of frog worksheets for middle school with a blue colored dragonfly background

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Frog-themed printables:

FREE Frog Printables and Montessori-Inspired Frog Math Activities | Living Montessori Now

Free Frog Printables text with collage of images of frog learning activities for kids

Frog Counting Activity | Early Learning Ideas

FREE Frog Do-A-Dot Printable (Montessori-Inspired Instant Download) | Living Montessori Now

5 Green Frogs Counting Printable | Pre-K Pages

Frogs & Flies: Counting to 5 | The Reading Mama

Spring Frogs Tracing Pages | Fluffy Tots

My Book of Numbers Frogs FREE Download | Fuel the Brain

Frog Theme Color Words Book FREE Printable | Books and Giggles

FREE Printables Frog in the Pond Busy Bag (Colors) | Mama that Makes

If it wasn’t enough that these amazing creatures begin their entire first process underwater and then eventually move onto land, their name is also used as an extremely essential God lesson.

Never forget F.R.O.G!

Free Unit Studies about Frogs text with image of two hands holding a frog

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