Free Printables About Viruses and Bacteria

June 5, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Germs. They are everywhere. Two germ categories are similar, but very different – bacteria and viruses. Teach all about germs with these free printables about viruses and bacteria.

Free Printables About Viruses and Bacteria

Although bacteria and viruses are similar, they are different types of germs. I think most moms know the difference by one thing how they are treated.

For instance, we know about bacterial infections, and we know about viral infections. Viral infections need to be waited out with monitoring and care. Bacterial infections need an antibiotic.

Do you know why that is?

Where bacterial infections need medicine to help you with resisting the infection, viruses are different. Viral infections provoke a response from the immune system that usually eliminates the virus on its own.

Well, what are bacteria and viruses, anyway?


A virus is a tiny particle that can make us sick when it comes to our body, sort of. Viruses are tiny. I mean, they are like 100 times smaller than bacteria (estimated guess).

There are all different types of viruses. They can cause smaller things like a cold or nasty illness like chickenpox, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and even the virus strand that has many countries on lockdowns and restrictions as we speak.

Once a virus enters into a cell body, the virus hijacks the cell, and then the cell starts multiplying copies of the virus. Those infected cells move around and infect more cells.

Many of the reactions our body gets because of the virus-like red bumps, skin rashes, tiredness, common cold symptoms, or fevers are because our body’s immune system is trying to fight off the virus.

Want to hear something gross?

The Latin word for a virus is “poisonous secretion of slime.”


Bacteria are one-celled organisms that may cause infectious diseases. Often, bacteria are not harmful at all. They can be helpful to us. 

Want to hear a gross fact to share with your kiddos?

That delicious yogurt your kids love so much, is full of “good” bacteria.

Bacteria come in three different shapes that either looks like a sphere, a spiral, or a rod. They can live in soil, water, waste, and even in the deep biosphere of the Earth’s crust.

Some types of infectious diseases caused by bacteria are cholera, leprosy, the bubonic plague, strep throat, and syphilis.

Both bacteria and viruses, are microscopic and contain nucleic acid. They both can cause diseases, but our bodies can build immunity against them.

It’s the perfect time to teach your kids all about what viruses and bacteria are.

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Science Course Virology text with image examples of pages

Grab these FREE printables about viruses and bacteria to help you alongside your lessons.

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Free Printables About Viruses and Bacteria

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