FREE Fighting Sickness Printable Pack and Checklists

March 13, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Could you use some resources to help you and your kids fight both fear and sickness? Grab these FREE Fighting Sickness Printable Pack and Checklists that explain what germs are and how we can protect ourselves and others. 

Worksheets and spiral book on germs

This FREE Fighting Sickness Printable Pack and Checklists is a great unit to help explain to your kids what germs are, how to avoid them, and how to keep from sharing germs with others. It includes: 

  • What is a Germ? This section explains what germs are and that we don’t need to be afraid of them. 
  • How Do We Catch Germs? The next section in the unit explains four common ways germs enter our bodies–through our nose, mouth, eyes, and breaks in our skin. 
  • Staying Healthy includes 8 tips kids can understand and practice, such as getting enough rest, keeping their tongues inside their mouths, washing their hands, not sharing food and drinks, and more. 
  • Battling Germs takes a closer look at the steps to washing our hands. 
  • Don’t Spread Germs looks at four ways we can keep from sharing germs with other people. 

The next unit reviews the key information from the first unit in the form of printable checklists. It includes a: 

  • Staying Healthy Checklist
  • Wash Your Hands Checklist
  • Don’t Spread Germs Checklist

The final unit of this FREE Fighting Sickness Printable Pack and Checklists unit is printable fact cards you can use to review and drill information. Each set comes in a full color version that includes the key information and a black and white version with blanks kids can write the key information on. The sets included are: 

  • Ways Germs Get Into Our Bodies (4 cards)
  • Ways to Stay Healthy (8 cards)
  • Steps to Washing Hands (4 cards)
  • Ways to Keep from Spreading Germs (4 cards)

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These FREE Notebooking Research Journals can help you study various diseases with your kids, one body system at a time: 

Instant Download: FREE Fighting Sickness Printable Pack and Checklists

Free Printable About Germs & Safety Instant Download with book cover and page examples

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