Free President’s Day Crafts For Kids of All Ages

February 2, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to celebrate lots of smaller holidays that we don’t normally get the time to learn about. President’s Day is one of those holidays that is fun to celebrate as you study history or Presidents of the United States. Teach your kids about this federal holiday with these fun President’s Day crafts.

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What is Presidents’ Day? 

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It was traditionally created to celebrate the first president of the United States. George Washington’s birthday is on February 22nd.

It was renamed President’s Day to honor both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays since they are so close together. President Lincoln’s birthday is on February 12th.

Today, it is a holiday where many federal businesses are closed such as banks, the post office, cities and towns. It’s also a day where many retail business offer great President’s Day sales.

This day can be marked by public ceremonies in Washington D.C. and on television. Now it is a day that is generally used to honor and celebrate ALL the past presidents of our nation.

Learning about the presidents through crafts:

Since we homeschool, we always like to take advantage of holidays and use them as a learning experience. President’s Day is a great one to teach your younger children about the presidents. If you want to teach about the presidents of the United States, consider incorporating some fun crafts and activities. 

Since President’s Day originally celebrates George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, you will find the most educational activities for these famous men. It would be fun to read some books about them, and learn some fun facts as you are creating the crafts.

Free President’s Day Crafts 

These crafts will be a lot of fun to do with your kids. They make the perfect Presidents day activities. A little bit of crafting goes along way with keeping your young children engaged in what they are learning. 

President’s Day Abe Lincoln Handprint – Handprint crafts are a fun way to involve little kids in crafting. This craft uses your child’s handprint to make the body of Abe Lincoln with his stovepipe hat.

George Washington Paper Plate Mask Craft – Celebrate George Washington’s birthday with this adorable mask with his wig.

President’s Day Coin Rubbing Craft – Teach your kids about the former presidents that are on the face of our coins with this coin rubbing activity.

George Washington Paper Bag Kids Craft – Create your own George Washington Puppet from a paper bag.

Abraham Lincoln Paper Plate Craft – This another cute mask craft that will turn your child into Abraham Lincoln, aka honest Abe.

George Washington Craft – A paper plate and cotton balls creates an adorable George Washington with this cute craft perfect for little hands.

Abraham Lincoln Penny President on a Stick Craft – This cute craft uses a penny as Abe Lincoln’s head on a craft stick.

4 Fun President’s Day Crafts for Kids – Lots of cute craft ideas, a log cabin, president people, a cherry tree and more.

Log Cabin Craft for President’s Day – Make a log cabin from popsicle sticks. It even has a door that opens and closes. This is such a cute President’s Day craft.

Abraham Lincoln Hat Weave Activity – This is a fun project that teaches your kids how to weave paper while making Abraham Lincoln’s famous top hat. 

How to Make a George Washington Wig for President’s Day – Make George Washington’s famous wig with this cute craft.

Recommended Resource: American History Through the Eyes of the Presidents

Discover American history through the presidencies of those who have led it with this comprehensive resource.

This study takes a brief look at American history focusing on the actions of the presidents. Your children will learn through reading comprehension, narration, notebooking, timelines, research projects, and more.

American history workbook cover and and background of free printable history pages from book for example

Printable Crafts:

Sometimes we like to keep things simple around here and we don’t want to make a big mess while crafting. These printable crafts just require some scissors, a glue stick and something to color with. 

Learn to Draw Abraham Lincoln – This simple printable tutorial will help your kids learn how to draw Abraham Lincoln.

President’s Day Toilet Paper Tube Craft – Printable Abraham Lincoln and George Washington to cut out and glue onto toilet paper rolls.

Learn to Draw George Washington – Another easy tutorial for a cute drawing of George Washington.

President’s Day Printable Mobile Craft – This is an easy cut and assemble craft that creates a mobile of the famous presidents.

If I Were President Writing Craft –  This is a craft and creative writing prompt in one. It is even cuter when you use a photo of your children as the face.

President’s Day Coloring Pages – Lots of different coloring and writing pages in manuscript, cursive and plain.

Your older children may like these fun President’s Day Games, Quizzes and Printables:

While your little ones are working on their fun President’s Day crafts, try these printables activities for your older children. All of these are free printables full of interesting facts about these important people who were our former Presidents.

Fun 10 Question President’s Day Quiz – This 10 question quiz will test your kid’s knowledge and facts of the former Presidents.

President’s Trivia Research Unit – This is a fun research unit study that will teach your kids about Andrew Jackson and John Tyler. 

President Lincoln’s Historical Speech Analysis and Copywork – Help your students analyze President Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation and understand why it is so important still today.

Free U.S. President’s Cheat Sheets – Help your kids quickly find the names of every United States President and Vice President. They will learn about when he served, what party he belonged to and what number president he was.

You may also enjoy this U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook and our U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets.

United States Government workbook cover

Presidents of the United States workbook cover

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