Free Physical Science STEM Projects

July 8, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Physical science has to do with anything that is the opposite of the biological sciences. These free physical science STEM projects will be just what you need to make your physical science lessons fun and interactive.

Free Physical Science STEM Projects


Physical science studies the properties and nature of all things that are non-living, for matter and energy alike. Physical science is all about the physical world all around us.

The several branches of physical science are physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth sciences. Of course, those branch off to other sub-branches of each category.

Science is awesome. The more we study about the science of the physical things around us, the more we are in awe of God’s amazing creation. 

Recommended Resource: The Astronomy Student Notebook – only $9.95

Using a combination of written narration, drawing, & labeling, The Astronomy Student Notebook will take your student on a journey into our amazing universe. Students will study the heavenly bodies and ponder the mysteries and marvels of the sun, planets, moon, stars, and more.

The Astronomy Student Notebook workbook cover with image background of page examples

Grab these free resources to help you teach physical science in your homeschool.

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Physical Science for Kids – Lab Safety, Scientific Method, Atoms, Molecules, Electricity, and More | Rock ‘N Learn

FREE Printables to Use with Apologia’s Elementary Chemistry and Physics

Free Printables and Ideas to Accompany Chemistry & Physics text with image of workbook cover and tubes filled with blue liquid

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Explore these Free Physical Science STEM Projects. They are separated by branch.

Physics STEM Projects:

Physics is the study of the physical sciences of energy but in all of its different forms. This includes heat, electricity, and magnetism.

Physics Work or No Work Graphic Organizer Teacher key + more teaching ideas | Mister Science

3 Fun Experiments to Introduce Kids to Physics | Taming Little Monsters

Projectile Motion and Experimental Design FREE Course | Engaging Science Labs

Egg Drop Inertia Science Project | Rookie Parenting

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STEM Project- Build A Hydraulic Elevator | Teach Beside Me

Story Book STEM: Hydraulic Elevator Magic children\'s book cover

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A Pulley System STEM STEAM | YCW in the House

Wave Properties STEM Designer FREE Challenge: The Echo & Anechoic Chamber! | i Like To Science

Chemistry STEM Projects:

Chemistry is the physical science study of materials and substances and how they are formed and how they interact.

FREE Middle School Chemistry Curriculum | Freely Homeschool

FREE Middle School Chemistry Science Curriculum

Free Science Curriculum for Elementary & Middle School text with image of two book covers


Static Electricity STEM Experiment for Kids | A Dab of Glue Will Do

Glowing Fireworks Experiment | Growing a Jeweled Rose

Transfer of Energy Science Experiment | Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Physical And Chemical Changes In Matter STEM Challenge | Everyone Deserves to learn

Chemical Reactions: Make a Penny Turn Green (with FREE printable) | Buggy and Buddy

Make Quicksand in Your Classroom! STEM Experiment | Brain Brigade

STEM Identifying Changes in Matter Read Aloud Activity | iTeachSTEM

FREE Resources to Help Kids Learn Chemistry

Free Resources to Help Kids Learn Chemistry

Earth Science STEM Projects:

Earth science is the physical science study of the planet Earth. This includes many disciplines like meteorology, gemology, and geology.

The Best Weather Science Experiment (How Clouds Make Rain)  | Mrs Jones Creation Station

Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids | Fun Learning for Kids

Sandcastle Erosion STEM Challenge | The First Grade Roundup

Plate Movement Earthquake STEM Activity | The Owl Teacher

Scientific Revolution STEM Challenges | Teach Student Savvy

Creating an Earthquakes STEM Challenge | Teachers are Terrific

STEM Challenge: Sedimentary Rocks Model | Preschool Powol Packets

Salt Water Experiment – Ocean Science for Kids |

Astronomy STEM Projects:

Astronomy is a physical science study that has to do with celestial objects. We learn about planets, the moon, galaxies, black holes, comets, and stars in astronomy.

Astronomy STREAM Writing Challenge | STEAM Powered Family

Lunar Cycle and Moon Phase STEM Challenges using the IPAD  | Erin*tegration

Top 10 STEM Space Activities | VivifySTEM

DIY Moon Dust STEM | VivifySTEM

Pipe Cleaner Constellations STEM Activity | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Science: Space Systems and Atoms Bundle (Scratch STEM Projects) | Toby Beck

You can look all around nature with your kids. We look at how things work, look at how chemicals react together, see how the earth is made up, and look in awe at the skies’ majesty.

We see around us the undeniable creation hand-crafted by an undeniable Creator.

Then, we start to realize that it takes more to believe we got here from a “big bang theory” than it does to have faith God created it all. Physical science rocks!

Free Physical Science STEM Projects





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