Free Resources to Help Kids Learn Chemistry

May 27, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Your kids don’t need goggles, beakers, pocket protectors, or lab coats to enjoy chemistry in homeschool. These free resources to help kids learn chemistry will make science fun and engaging for your homeschool lessons.

Free Resources to Help Kids Learn Chemistry

Chemistry was once a word that brought anxiety to some students. Now that we are homeschooling, the opportunity to make learning fun is a win/win for both students and parents.

That periodic table can get quite scary to look at. When kids understand they need to memorize elements, it can get quite intimidating. They need as much practice as they can. Granted, chemistry isn’t easy.

Check out these free resources to help kids learn chemistry and to help you teach it:

FREE Printables to Use with Apologia’s Elementary Chemistry and Physics

Free Resources & Ideas to Use with Apologia\'s Young Explorer Books

Chemistry Laboratory: FREE Notebooking Pages | Notebooking Fairy

FREE Printable worksheet – Physical vs. Chemical Change | Help Teaching

Scavenger Hunt FREE Worksheet – Chemistry Food Elements Part 2 |

FREE Chemistry PowerPoint Presentations (Read-Only format) | Middle School Science

Chemistry FREE Task Cards with or without QR Codes! | JFlowers

Fun FREE Chemistry Word Search | Monster Word Search

Chemistry Puzzle-FREE: Color by Ion Charge | Science with Mrs Lau

FREE Science Curriculum: Elementary & Middle School Chemistry

Free Science Curriculum for Elementary & Middle School

Chlorofluorocarbons: Chemistry for Preschool FREE Printables | HappilyEverReading

FREE Chemistry for Kids Printables and Activities | Happy Homeschool Nest

Elementary Chemistry Unit | Adventures in Mommydom

Printable FREE Chemistry Tests, Worksheets, and Activities | Help Teaching

Parts of An Atom for Hands-On Building (FREEBIE) | Peanut Butter Fish Lessons

Teach Homeschool Chemistry text with image example of learning experiment

FREE Structure of an Atom Color Doodle Sheet Middle School Chemistry Science | STEMthinking Science Resources

Chemistry FREE Word Search | Puzzles-to-Print

FREE Printable Periodic Table: Legal Size and 2-page Landscape Size | Science with Mrs Lau

Chemistry Notebooking FREE Printable Pack | Homeschool Helper Online

FREE Chemistry Lessons for Middle School Students | How to Homeschool for Free

FREE Chemistry Survival Guide | Melissa Maribel

Printable Chemistry FREE Worksheets | ThoughtCo.

FREE Chemistry Basics Series: Atomic Sort | Serina Gay

A-LEVEL Chemistry FREE Workbooks for Self-Study | Gemma Shearer

FREE Resources for Chemistry 101| Amy’s Wandering

Periodic Table of Elements: Printable Pack – Could you use an easy, no-prep way to drill and review the periodic table?

Our Periodic Table of Elements Printable Pack offers a compact way to help students memorize key information without the need to flip through textbooks to find it all. 

The Periodic Table of Elements workbook cover

Grab these free resources about the Periodic Table to help your kiddos memorize and learn all about the elements:


FREE Periodic Table of the Elements Cheat Sheets

Periodic Table Free Set of Printable Cheat Sheets

Make the Period Table of Elements Fun! – Sketch Note Activity (FREE) | Samsons Shoppe

FREE Hands-On Chemistry Lesson Downloads | The Homeschool Scientist

Printable Periodic Table of Elements FREE Notecards

Periodic Table of Elements Notecards

FREE Periodic Table Printables for The Nerd in Your Life | A Crafty Mix

Learn the Periodic Table of the Elements with Fun Resources (FREE Printable Table) | Encouraging Moms at Home

FREE: Periodic Table of Elements Color by Category | ChemKate

Activities & FREE Resources For Learning About The Periodic Table | My Joy-Filled Life

FREE Periodic Table with updated names! | Science with Mrs Lau

Chemistry Basics Series (FREE Resource): The Periodic Table of the Elements | Serina Gay

Help make chemistry FUN.

When we are intentional about helping our kids learn, we can use resources that likewise make chemistry fun, engaging, and understandable to them.

Chemistry is one of those science topics that lend themselves well to hands-on and inevitably exciting activities.

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that happen with that matter. When kids understand that everything on Earth is made of matter, they are curious about the idea.

Allowing kids to mix up various concoctions and exploring chemical reactions will make learning fun for them, especially in this hard topic of chemistry.

Kids need to know the facts and details about atoms, matter, and the dreaded periodic table. However, experiments and activities can make a world of difference in getting them to comprehend the content.

Your kids will enjoy these FREE chemistry games and activities:

Chemical Reactions: Make a Penny Turn Green (with FREE Printable) | Buggy and Buddy

Science and Chemistry Apps for Teachers and Students | Educational Technology and Mobile learning

Atomidoodle Periodic Table Fun Games for All Ages | Everyday Graces

Atoms & Isotopes FREE Chemistry Game | Elemental Science

Atoms & Isotopes Free Chemistry Game!

FREE Chemistry Lesson Plans Using Legos | Freely Homeschool

FREE Build an Atom Activity with a Hole Punch and Glue | Science With Mrs Lau

Chemical Symbols FREE Game-Based Learning Resource | STEM Sheets

Periodic People – Intro to the Periodic Table FREE Activity | Sunrise Science

FREE Chemistry Bingo Cards and Games | My FREE Bingo Cards

Abundant Atoms Game – Chemistry FREE Cards | Teaching Without Chairs

Experiments and hands-on learning will make your chemistry lessons come alive. Check them out below:

FREE Chemistry Experiment Packet for Kids | Homeschool Den

Chemistry for Kids: Fun Experiments and Ideas! | Teach Beside Me

Chemistry for Kids text with examples of kid\'s books and learning games

35+ Chemistry Experiments For Kids | Little Bins Little Hands

50 Chemistry Projects That Will Amaze Kids! | Babble Dabble Do

Don’t forget to keep safety first when exploring experiments with your kids.

Free Resources to Help Kids Learn Chemistry

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