FREE Kings and Queens of England Cheat Sheets

September 9, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Do you ever get confused trying to remember who was king or queen of England when? Or how about who reigned after George IV? (No, it wasn’t George V.) Students can have the answers to all such questions at their fingertips with these FREE Kings and Queens of England Cheat Sheets.

Kings & Queens of England Free Set of Printable Cheat Sheets


From Egbert and Aethelwulf in the 800s to George VI and Elizabeth II of the modern day, more than 60 rulers have reigned over England. With the FREE Kings and Queens of England Cheat Sheets, students have a handy reference to see which rulers belonged to the: 

  • House of Wessex
  • House of Normandy
  • House of Blois
  • House of Plantagenet
  • House of Lancaster
  • House of York
  • House of Tudor
  • House of Stuart
  • House of Hanover
  • House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
  • House of Windsor
  • plus foreign rulers and Commonwealth rulers

Students can use these cheat sheets to identify who was reigning at what point in history, how long the longest monarchs have reigned, which monarchs have ruled for the shortest period of time, which houses had the most rulers on the throne, and much more. 

Dive into the history of England today with these FREE Kings and Queens of England Cheat Sheets! Scroll down for instant download access. 

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Instant Download: FREE Kings and Queens of England Cheat Sheets



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