FREE Castles & Knights Terminology Copywork Notebook

August 15, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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There’s something about castles that seems to inspire creativity and imagination. And what boy doesn’t like a good battle between knights? Engage your children’s curiosity and imaginations, and slip some history into your day, with this FREE Castles & Knights Terminology Copywork Notebook.

Castles & Knights Terminology Free Vocabulary Copywork Notebook

Castles & Knights Terminology Copwork Notebook

Whether you are studying the Middle Ages, enjoying a good read aloud, or even watching an old movie, there are some things about castles and knights that are good to know. With this FREE Castles & Knights Terminology Copywork Notebook, kids can learn the definitions of 30 key words including:

  • castle
  • keep
  • palisade
  • moat
  • drawbridge
  • battlements
  • merlons
  • crenels
  • gatehouse
  • portcullises
  • turret
  • dungeon
  • bailey
  • garderobes
  • jousting
  • knights
  • chivalry
  • page
  • squire
  • armor
  • mail
  • helmet
  • shield
  • buckler
  • pavise
  • sword
  • mace
  • lance
  • coat of arms
  • tournaments

From defensive weapons and fortifications to stages of knighthood (and even the term for the castle toilets!), students can have fun learning more about the Middle Ages with this unit.

What’s Included?

Each term includes a definition and print copywork, and each copywork page includes a geometric border students can color and create patterns with if they wish.

They can have hours of fun bringing the notebook to life and making the project their own.

Download your copy of the FREE Castles & Knights Terminology Copywork Notebook today!

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