Free High School Home Economics Electives and Ideas

December 28, 2018

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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I didn’t have a very hands-on family when I was growing up, so I really enjoyed taking a Home-Ec class when I was in highschool. I learned a few things that I still use today, but I wish I would’ve had more hands on training in home life skills.

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can incorporate every day life skills into our homeschool days with much ease. Everything can be turned into a learning experience when you are homeschooling and basic kitchen duties can become real life lessons. It’s a lot easier when our children our younger, but what about when they are in High School? How do you keep track of what they are learning at home with life skills and homemaking skills and turn that into an elective?

One credit hour is usually between 135-150 hours of coursework. In a school setting this usually equals about 50 minutes of class time for 180 days of school. If your highschooler cooks or sews, or creates things for the home, or helps care for your younger children throughout the day this can easily be more than an hour a day! There are so many creative ways that you can turn home economics into an elective.

Fun and Creative Home Economic Ideas:

If you have a hard time thinking out of the box, here are some fun and creative home economic ideas you can use to help you create your own elective for your highschooler:

Plain and Not So Plain has some great Home Economics courses and they are all FREE:

Online Home Economics Kitchen Skills Curriculum – this course is designed to teach the basics of the kitchen and lessons in simple cooking. It is designed with 16 units and over 60 hours of instruction both online and in lab work. It can be counted towards a half credit hour  in home economics.

Household and Personal Management Skills Course – this course is designed to help you with the basics of personal and household skills. It is designed with 18 units and over 60 hours of instruction both online and in lab work. It can be counted towards a half credit hour  in home economics.

Life Skills for Young Men – This course goes through and teaches them some real life skills that they will need to know to further themselves in life from the basic to the complex. It covers a lot of ground from personal grooming all the way to survival skills. You can click through and get each week of this curriculum for FREE.

How to Write Your Own Home Economics Curriculum from Bright Hub Education will help you to create your very own custom Home Ec Curriculum for your children.

31 Days of Home Economics from Life is Sew Daily has 31 different posts on Home Economics. There are so many different subjects you could use it to create your own curriculum. It is also written by someone who has a BS Degree in Home Economics! There is a lot of awesome information here.

7 Sisters Homeschool has a great article on How to Earn Credit for Home Economics on your highschooler’s transcripts.

The Homeschool HighSchool Podcast has a great podcast that discusses adulting skills that are important for your teens to learn, and how to turn them into an elective credit!



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