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May 26, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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When my oldest was in middle school we discovered Character Concepts’ curriculum. We used their character building workbooks all the way through high school. This past year we started our fourth grader on Proverbs People Book One, which is recommended for ages 7-13.

You might have guessed it from the title, we want to give you our favorite character building curriculum for FREE. Scroll down to get access. Offer ends on 5/31/19. 

Character Building Curriculum

I found that the questions and stories in the book were a perfect fit for her age group (she is nine).

I really love these workbooks. They guide you through the book of Proverbs as you teach your children about integrity, hardwork, and wisdom as well as the consequences of the opposites of each quality (lying, laziness, foolishness, etc.). We particularly enjoy the stories that are included and wrap up each section. 

My daughter and I grab her Bible, open the workbook and go. There is no prep; you all know how much I am an avid “open and go-er” and do not like using teacher’s guides, so I very much like the format of these workbooks. I say “workbook” but they are really just reflection questions after reading a section in Scripture – more like a notebooking journal.

The books come in paperback as well as digital and are in black and white, so if you print them you save on printer ink. 

All you need to use Proverbs People is your Bible. Although the Scripture throughout the book is using the KJV, we didn’t find it difficult to use another version of the Bible to answer questions. A few times a fill-in-the-blank question would use a different word, but it didn’t cause us any issues. 

We started Proverbs People Book Two recently and are finding that just like Book One, I am getting as much out of it as my daughter! 

Proverbs People Book One opens up contrasting slothful and diligent. This was great because we were focusing on a good work ethic when it came to chores. We finished Book One talking about wisdom. 

Proverbs People Book Two was very convicting and started with contentious versus gracious. We had great discussion when digging deep into the Word to see what Scripture likens a contentious woman to. 

I love the book of Proverbs – so much wisdom and encouragement in this book. If you want your child to gain a deeper understanding of Proverbs, then you will definitely want to check out Proverbs People.

You can get Proverbs People Book One for FREE! 

Proverbs people printables

Character Concepts offers nine levels of character curriculum, starting with preschool. The different levels are pretty flexible, for example, my oldest used volumes 7-9 in high school.

We asked Character Concepts if they’d like to offer an exclusive freebie for Homeschool Giveaways readers and they agreed.

We want to share Proverbs People Book One with you since that is what we just finished using (and enjoyed so much!).

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Proverbs People Book One is recommended for ages 7-13. If you would like to snag a free copy of the ebook for your homeschool please enter your email below. This offer has ended.


Character Building Curriculum


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