FREE Story Prompts About a Safari

January 28, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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If you have little ones who love telling stories but can’t write yet or you have creative elementary students who absolutely hate to write, these FREE Story Prompts About a Safari might be just the thing to encourage them to share their stories.

FREE Story Prompts About a Safari text with image background of a lion

Story Prompts About a Safari

There are 19 pictures in this FREE Story Prompts About a Safari set that writers and pre-writers can enjoy and use to prompt their stories.

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Each picture also includes a simple phrase or sentence to get their ideas flowing. They can draw people, animals, or whatever they like into the story. When they are finished, they can narrate their story to you. You can capture their story on special pages included at the end of the unit.

The theme of these story prompts is an African safari. They’ll get ready to leave camp; visit wide open spaces, a watering hole, and more; settle in for the night at a village; and have lots of chances for adventure. Scroll down to download these fun story prompts!

Download your FREE Story Prompts About a Safari today!

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