FREE Ocean Animals Notebooking Research Journal

June 20, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Get ready to dive in (pun intended!) to the world of ocean animals with this Free Ocean Animals Notebooking Research Journal!

Animals of the Ocean Notebooking Unit

Ocean Animals Notebooking Research Journal

With this resource, your students will have the chance to learn about 60 different ocean animals and record what they find in this printable notebook.

Learning With Research

Help your kids explore 60 ocean animals and create a notebooking research journal. For each animal, they’ll get to include:

  • the oceans the animal is found in
  • the type of water it is found in (shallow, deep, etc.)
  • physical description
  • interesting facts

A picture of each animal is also included.

Here’s a look at the animals they’ll discover:

  • amphipod, anemone, anglerfish
  • barracuda, bass, beluga whale, black drum, blobfish, blue shark, blue whale
  • chiton, clam, clownfish, conch, coral, crab, cuttlefish
  • deep sea hatchetfish, deep-sea jellyfish, dolphin, dugong
  • eel
  • fangtooth, flamingo tongue snail, flounder, flying fish, French angelfish
  • giant squid, giant trevally, giant tubeworm, great white shark
  • hammerhead shark, hermit crab, horseshoe crab, humphead wrasse
  • jellyfish
  • lionfish, lobster
  • manatee
  • narwhal
  • octopus, orca, oyster
  • pilot whale, porpoise, Portuguese man-of-war, pufferfish
  • rainbow parrotfish, rainbow runner, ray
  • seahorse, sea lion, squid, starfish, stingray, swordfish
  • triggerfish, tripod fish, trumpetfish
  • walrus

Download this free notebooking research journal to help your kids learn more about ocean animals today!

Click to Download: FREE Ocean Animals Notebooking Research Journal

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