Family Friendly Movies that Build Character

July 30, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I LOVE family movie nights. Unfortunately, I have been working so much that those days are few and far in between. I know some people don’t consider watching movies quality time, but in my family it is. If you are in search of some family movie night favorites for quality time with the family, then check out these character-building, family-friendly movies you all can enjoy.

Character Building Family-Friendly Movie Nights for Kids

It is so hard to find movies that we can watch with our children. All the new movies, meaning “family” movies or even cartoons, have so many hidden innuendo or things that are so off that it deters us from watching movies with the kids at times.

Even PG movies nowadays have language that would have been considered unacceptable years ago. I really appreciate this list of movies we can actually watch with the kids without fear of flinching or putting my hands around any little ears or eyes.

I think it is awesome to have a list of good quality material that actual work son building character in your kiddos. There are some movies that I didn’t know existed although my kids have read the book like The Boxcar Children, and I forgot all about the movie Holes!

Can you just wait to see some of these movies before the summer ends? 

A cool thing to go over with your kids over the summer with little stress and a lot of God’s good Word is learning the twelve commandments:Bible Memory for Kids the 10 Commandments book and pages

Explore this awesome list of character-building family-friendly movies shared by True Aim Education.

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