DIY Outdoor Games Perfect for Hot Weather

June 18, 2021

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Over the last few years outdoor games have become increasingly popular. There are many different games you can play with water, but some people take it even further by creating their own games. These DIY outdoor summer games are perfect to play with family and friends on a hot summer day.

bucket of water balloons with overlay - DIY Outdoor Games Perfect for Hot Weather

Most kids want to stay inside during the hot summer months, but I enjoy sending my kids outside to play. Summer is a great time to work on projects, clean out closets and bookshelves and prep for a new school year.

I like to keep my kids  active and not sitting in front of a screen during the summer. This gives them time to get creative and play while I work uninterrupted! Sometimes it isn’t easy when it is hot, because they may not want to go outside. 

The article 6 Ways to Get Outside and Have Fun will give you some engaging, hands-on ideas to get your kids outside.

What are some good games to play outside in the summer?

  • Water balloons are a throwback to classic summer fun. My kids love to fill them with the water hose and pile them into a large bucket. They take them on the trampoline, and chase each other around the yard. I prefer the biodegradable water balloons that dissolve in your yard if you miss picking up some of the pieces.
  • Lawn games are a blast to play with family and friends. These are great fun in the evening when the sun is going down and it isn’t as hot. They are fun for summer picnics with some friendly competition.
  • Backyard obstacle courses can be great for the creative and adventurous kids. You can use found objects around your house and incorporate water and baby pools and even Slip and Slides to keep you cool while playing.

DIY Outdoor Summer Games

There are many different ways to stay cool during the summer, so why not make it fun too? These DIY outdoor summer games have so many options you can do them as is, or create your own versions for added fun! 

Kids love being creative and making things. One of our favorite summertime activities when the kids are little is blowing bubbles outside while in bathing suits. It’s easy to create your own DIY Bubble Blowers.

They are going to have a blast helping you create these different games!

kids playing outside in the sun with text overlay DIY Summer Games

Outdoor Water Games

I grew up in Arizona and Florida. No summer break is complete without playing with water. We love getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine while cooling off with lots of messy water games. Your kids will have hours of fun outside with these outdoor water games. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Shoot & Splash Outside Activity For Kids – Your kids can get in some backyard target practice with water guns and plastic containers found around the house. 

Sponge Darts – Create a giant dart board with sidewalk chalk and wet sponges. Messy and colorful summer fun!

Water Balloon Pinata – Smash water balloons blindfolded like you would a real piñata. This is hilarious and will keep your kids cool at the same time as working on some batting skills.

Fill the Bucket Outdoor Water Game – This is a fun teamwork game and great to play as a family or with friends. 

Sponge Ball Toss – This is a fun game using dollar store sponges to create a fun ball. It is a craft and game all in one!

Water Balloon Towel Toss Game – This is a simple water balloon game that doesn’t have any crazy rules and is quick to set up and play.

50+ Water Balloon Games for Kids – Water balloons are a favorite summer past time. Check out over 50 different ways to play games with them!


Giant Outdoor Games and Lawn Games

Life size games and lawn games are all the rage right now. You may have seen giant checker and chess boards outside of shopping centers and restaurants. Couples are even playing yard games for outdoor weddings and receptions.

These games are creative, carefree and kids and adults have fun playing them. These are perfect to play at an evening backyard barbecue.

Giant Scrabble – Create a yard scrabble game by making giant scrabble pieces. Your kids will enjoy painting the different letters.

DIY Giant Kerplunk Game – This classic kerplunk game uses water balloons, a big net and wooden skewers. This looks like so much fun!

Lawn Twister – Play a good old game of twister right in the grass with no plastic mat needed.

DIY Bean Bag Toss – This game is very easy to assemble and your kids will enjoy painting and customizing the point markers. Older kids will enjoy sewing their own bean bags.

How to Build a Regulation Cornhole Set – Cornhole is a classic outdoor game you will see at many picnics and outdoor functions. Include your family in building your very own with these instructions.

Make your own Yardzee Outdoor Game. Your kids will practice their building skills and math skills at the same time.

Make a Yardzee Outdoor Game

Backyard Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course is a wonderful way to get your kids thinking outside of the box as well as keeping them active. They will have so much fun creating different courses in their backyard with found items from around your house and your yard. 

Water Obstacle Course – These are some amazingly creative ideas for a water obstacle course. It will be a lot of fun to see what your own family comes up with creating their own course.

Make Your Own Obstacle Course for Kids – There are some great ideas here to help you make an obstacle course with your kids in your yard.

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course – Pool noodles are inexpensive and fun. They are also extremely easy to create things out of. This course uses all pool noodles.

Spy Training Obstacle Course – If your kids enjoy reading spy books they will have a lot of fun creating their own spy training style obstacle course.

DIY American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course – We love watching this crazy show. Now you can recreate it and challenge your whole family to the Ninja course.

American Ninja Warrior Back Yard Obstacle Course for Kids! Build and re-build different ways, and then it packs up for storage.

Races and Sport Games

Squirt Gun Water Races – This fun activity reminds me of a carnival game. This is a lot of fun to build and put the race together with plastic cups and a rope.

Pool Noodle Boat Racing Game – Your children will get a chance to build and design their own pool noodle boat, then race them together.

Host your own Water Balloon Olympics – There are lots of fun challenges and races to create your own mini Olympics games

Ice Bowling – This is a fun gross motor skill game perfect for a hot summer day.

Family Olympic Games – Check out these 8 fun and hilarious games that your entire family will enjoy playing together.

Backyard Water Balloon Baseball – Kids love playing baseball. Kick it up a notch by using water balloons instead of baseballs. 

The Summer Olympics were postponed last year. Our family is looking forward to playing some of the fun Olympic style outdoor games and watching the Olympics together. Your kids may enjoy learning more with this FREE Tokyo, Japan Olympics Unit Study

bucket of water balloons with overlay - DIY Outdoor Games Perfect for Hot Weather

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