6 Ways to Get Outside & Have Fun

June 17, 2021

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For many of us, it’s time to set aside the organized homeschool lessons and let our kids have some outside fun! If you want some engaging hands-on ideas to try with your kids this summer, here are six ideas to get you started.

two kids playing by a tree and climbing in it with text on a yellow background

Balloon Rocket

Here’s a great project that will keep your kids and teens busy! They can work together to launch a balloon powered rocket and see how far they can travel. The materials list is so simple: string, balloons, straw, and tape.

Your kids can try different balloon shapes and sizes to experiment with the travel speed. And if you don’t have trees in your yard to tie your balloon track to, you can always use deck posts or even chairs. Let your kids create multiple tracks and have a race to see whose rocket travels the fastest and farthest.

More Outside Activities

Water Squirter

Who doesn’t love playing with a squirt gun? Your kids can create their own and learn all about water pressure.

Here’s all you need to create a DIY Water Squirter:

  • plastic cups
  • bendy straw
  • scissors
  • clay
  • pencil
  • water

water squirter

Want more water projects? Here are some fun ones that will keep your kids cool on those hot summer days outside.

DIY Outdoor Games

Check out this huge round-up of DIY Outdoor Games and find a few to try this summer. Here are a few that look amazing.

  • Water Obstacle Course
  • Sponge Darts
  • Water Bag Pinata
  • Ice Bowling
  • Lawn Twister
  • DIY Mini Putt Putt Course

Messy Sensory Activities

Sensory bins are so engaging – and educational – for our littlest ones. But sometimes, you just want to take the mess outside! The clean-up is so much simpler that way. So, for your summertime outdoor fun, check out these truly messy sensory activities.

Check out this round-up post for some great messy sensory activities to do outside, like:

  • Sensory Play Digging for Spaghetti Worms
  • Dirt Sensory Bin for Frogs and Snakes
  • Muddy Farm Animals Wash Time Sensory Play
  • Trucks and Cars Muddy Play Fun
  • Homemade Gel Paint Messy Sensory Art and Play
  • Plus many more!

Or, grab some simple supplies and find more sensory bin ideas for your summer fun:

Self-Watering Planter

Your kids can learn about capillary action and water’s unique molecular properties with this Self-Watering Planter project. Kids as young as three can help you keep your plants watered all summer long with this fun activity!

self-watering planter

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • plastic sandwich bag
  • water
  • clothespins
  • low potted plant in soil (no more than 4-inches tall)
  • thick string or yarn
  • paper clips
  • scissors

Bottle Rocket

Check out this Tinker Camp Bottle Rocket for some outdoor summer fun for your kids ages 9-16. Your kids will get everything they need to assemble a launcher, rocket, funnel and launch mixture and experience some extreme fizz! This is a great project for outside fun. Best of all, you don’t need to purchase supplies.

Bottle rocket

In addition to the materials they need for the project, you get a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated blueprint instructions, and the Tinker Zine magazine. You can keep your kids learning through hands-on fun this summer, even while taking a break from your regular homeschool routine. Check out the entire project at KiwiCo.

two kids playing by a tree and climbing in it with text on a yellow background



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