Create an Unschooling Learning Plan with FREE Printables

February 7, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Give your kids the opportunity to explore their interests by using an interest-led and child-directed approach to learning, commonly called “unschooling.” While the idea of unschooling can seem intimidating, this free printable helps parents facilitate their child’s interest-led learning by helping the child create his own learning plan. The printable helps you and your child to brainstorm learning activities, keeping your child engaged and putting him on the road to fully independent learning!

free printables unschooling planning

The printable includes a page for brainstorming ideas and creating a customized learning plan. Your child is encouraged to choose a topic and formulate specific questions about that topic to focus and direct his learning. The printable also includes a page to capture all the new questions your child will come up with during the learning process, and a page for you or your child to keep track of his learning by recording the date and learning activity.

Download your copy of this free learning plan printable today!

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