Free Police Officer Printables

October 11, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Help your students learn more about the life and job of a police officer with these free police office printables, crafts, and activities. A community helpers week will NOT be the same without those that protect and serve us all.

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Are police officers community helpers?

It is so much fun to teach our little ones about the people around us that have interesting and important jobs to do in our community. Police officers are certainly community helpers. In fact, they are some of the most important ones around.

Police officers protect and serve the community by assuring citizens abide by the laws, keep order, arrest criminals, and help us feel safe.

What can we teach our kids about police officers?

In our community helpers unit, we can teach much about those who help our community function well. Specifically for policemen, we can teach our kids the following:

  • Basic responsibilities of the police officers.
  • How to identify a police officer uniform.
  • Why they are important to our community.
  • Things we can do to show police officers our appreciation.

Today we are learning about Policemen with these free printables and crafts! Here are some to add to your community helpers unit study.

Free Police Officer Printables

Learning Printables of Police Officers – If your homeschoolers enjoy learning about everyday heroes, they will enjoy these policemen printables. This is an early learning printable pack of hands-on activities for preschoolers and kindergarten students.

Policeman Unit Study Printables – If you are providing a Police Officer Unit study, use these printables to help. These printables are a great addition to your unit and include flashcards, color by number activity, patterns, and more.

Policeman Lapbook – This “police officers” lapbook includes pictures, links, a front/back cover, and more. You could even do a mini-unit with these printables easily for your young children that includes a tracing page for the letter P, a police officer coloring page of a police hat, and so much more.

Police Officer Worksheet – This community helpers worksheet focuses on police offers. Teach your preschoolers about their uniforms and how to identify police officers.

Police Officer Printable Handwriting Worksheets – Grab these great activities to go alongside your police officer unit. This will help your students practice the alphabet letter P police officer preschool lesson plan printable activities worksheets.

Police Officer Unit Activities

Montessori-Inspired Police Activities and Printables – These Montessori-inspired police office activities are for preschoolers to kindergarten students. Your kids can be introduced to what fingerprints are, have much fun with Catch the Robber math game, and more.

Police Car Game – Help the police officer find their police car with this game. Students will follow the maze to work on their fine motor skills.

Police Paper Doll – Your little girl will enjoy this hands-on activity police paper doll. Use this to teach your children about this community helper whose job it is to protect and serve.

10 Policeman Coloring Pages – Check out ten awesome police and police car coloring pages your little ones will enjoy. You will find free coloring pages of traffic lights, police cars, and more.

Printable Policemen Badges – Print these policemen badges so your students can wear them during your police unit study. The badges include Police 911 badges and badges for different community helpers like EMTs and Firemen.

National Law Enforcement Printable Coloring Pages – You do not want to miss this collection of Law Enforcement symbols coloring pages. Your kids can color a cool image of the National Law enforcement memorial logo, police hat, a walkie-talkie, and more.

Free Police Officer Crafts:

Police Officer Hat and Badge Craft – This police officer craft includes a hat headband and badge community helper preschool printable activity. Kids can also practice following directions with these step-by-step instructions to put the hat together.

Sheriff’s Badge Craft – This sheriff’s badge is super cool. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a sheriff’s badge. Kids will enjoy putting on this special symbol of sheriffs in law enforcement.

Printable Police Officer Craft – This fine motor activity is perfect for your early learners. Young children and older kids can put together this police officer printable craft with female and male versions of the community helpers.
Police Car Craft – Your kids will enjoy this old-school police care printable craft. Use coloring crayons or paintbrushes and watercolor to bring this craft to life.

Here are some fun ways to bless your local police officers:

Police Week Thank You Card  – Whether it be on police week or just to show your appreciation to these protectors of our streets, this resource can help. Your students can color in these five sayings to share with their local police officers to show support and to give them encouragement.

How to Thank a Police Officer Free Printable – Check these ideas all about how to thank a police officer in your community. The free printable is adorable and states “ STOP, you have been given a ticket for being awesome!”

Police Appreciation Bags FREE Printable – Grab these free printable police appreciate bags to share with these amazing community helpers. Download this free printable to add to gifts or baked goods for those who protect and serve in your local police station.

In Conclusion

In this series, we will be covering some of the most well-known community helpers with free printables and crafts for each one. Police officers may be one of the most un-appreciated, and may be one of the most difficult. Let’s take some time to teach our kids all about them.

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