Classical Homeschooling Freebies and Resources

June 24, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you are new to homeschooling and are still doing some research, you may be a little confused by the different “styles” and methods of homeschooling. There is no right or wrong way to homeschool, but it is nice to learn about the different styles which and help you as you are choosing curriculum and what would be a best fit for the style that you feel is right for your family and your homeschool.

Classical Homeschooling Freebies and Resources

In this post, we are going to talk about what Classical Homeschooling is and explain the Classical “style” of homeschooling. I will also be sharing some classical style homeschooling freebies and resources to help you dig deeper and learn more on your homeschooling journey.

What is Classical Homeschooling?

Classical homeschooling teaches the liberal arts in a fun and engaging way with lots of memorization. The teachings include: ancient history, the great books, arithmetic, geometry, music, composers, artists, astronomy, logic and the study of Latin. The classical approach to homeschooling teaches children how to learn and to think during three different stages or phases of schooling. These stages can also be referred to as The Trivium.

The three stages are:

  • Grammar (grades K-6) – this stage children learn through memorization. They memorize facts through songs, or chants.
  • Logic (grades 7-9) – this is the argumentative stage, where teens will learn logic and reason, the art of arguing, and the why behind the questions.
  • Rhetoric (grades 10-12) – this is the stage where persuasive speaking and writing come in. 

You can learn more about this method through these Classical Homeschooling Resource Aricles and Helps:

Some Reasons to Love the Classical EducationBlessed Learners – what is the classical method of homeschooling and reasons why you will love it.

Classical Education for the Average Homeschooling FamilyHappy Homeschool Nest talks about what Classical Education is and how it is not drudgery and dry work. That it can be interesting, engaging and accessible to the average homeschool family.

Classical Education: Memorization and Recitation – Happy Homeschool Nest – how to implement recitation into your day and how to choose what to memorize.

Classical Morning Circle Time: Songs and ChantsSimply Convivial – this is a great list of hymns, songs, chants and psalms to work on in your homeschool morning circle time.

13 Weeks to Your Dream Classical HomeschoolClassically Homeschooling – this is a series on how to build your classical homeschool with tips and encouragement each step of the way.

101 Reasons to Give Your Kids a Classical EducationClassically Homeschooling

Classical Homeschooling Freebies:

Famous Composers Notebooking Research Journal – Your kids will explore the history of 50 famous composers while learning their date and place of birth and death, their famous works and facts about their lives. They will compile all the information in their very own research journal.

Famous Composers Free Notebooking Research Journal

Famous Artists Notebooking Research Journal –  In this notebooking journal your children will learn about 50 famous artists and record their finding.

The Gentle and Classical Preschool Curriculum  from Life Abundantly is a full preschool curriculum that is absolutely beautiful, with everything laid out for you. The digital version is available completely free!

Printable Memorization TrackerClassically Homeschooling – this tracker is great to keep track of what you are working on memorizing in your homeschool.

Classical Curriculum is a free online classical homeschool curriculum for homeschoolers. This is a free curriculum with a book list.

Classical Conversations:

Classical Conversations is a popular Classical Christian homeschooling community which helps to teach parents and students the classical tools of learning. These communities are all over the nation, and classes are taught by a trained Classical Conversations parent in a group class setting.

Classical Conversations: 10 Tips to Prevent Being Overwhelmed – Homegrown Learners

Organizing your CC Year for NewbiesAnd Here We Go Mama

Notebooking and Classical ConversationsHome Grown Learners

Classical Conversations Memory Work Review GameRolling Prairie Readers

Games for Classical Conversations Memory Work ReviewWander Far School at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Classical Conversations ResourcesPsycho With 6

Classical Homeschooling Curriculum Publishers and Websites:

Classical Homeschooling Freebies and Resources



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