Free Capitalization Worksheets for Grammar Practice

November 26, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Sometimes children aren’t sure about the proper use of capital letters, and they can get confused on what needs to be capitalized and what doesn’t. Giving your children some capitalization worksheets is a great way to practice basic capitalization rules.

Capitalization Worksheets

Capitalization is writing the first letter of a word in upper case (a capital letter), and the rest of the word in lower case. When you are teaching your children formal writing there are some basic rules of capitalization that you will want to make sure they understand.

Using printable worksheets is a great way to give your kids some extra practice and punctuation exercises for your grammar lessons.

When to Use a Capital Letter

Proper nouns should be capitalized. Examples include countries, cities, companies, organizations, sites, streets, and buildings.

In addition to capitalizing proper nouns, you also need to capitalize:

  • The first word at the beginning of a sentence
  • Capitalize days, months, and holidays, but not seasons
  • Some special words
  • Titles (books, movies, brand names)
  • Place names (proper nouns)
  • Capitalize cities, countries, nationalities, and languages
  • Name titles (Dr. Mr. Mrs, etc,)
  • Capital letters and addresses
  • Titles and Brands
  • Directions (North, South, East, West)
  • Capitalize time periods and events (sometimes)
  • Capitalize the first word of a quote (sometimes)
  • Capitalize words like Dad and Grandma when you can replace them with a name
  • Streets and roads
  • Planets – earth is usually not capitalized unless it is being discussed as a planet, specifically.
  • States and capitals

When Not to Capitalize

There are some common mistakes to avoid. Below is a partial list of common words that are often capitalized when they shouldn’t be.

  • Don’t capitalize after a colon (usually) – There are a couple exceptions. When the word following the colon is a proper noun, capitalize it. Another exception is when the words following the colon form one or more complete sentences.
  • Animals
  • Elements
  • Plants, vegetables, and fruits
  • Seasons and seasonal info
  • Quoted text that continues a sentence
  • Do not capitalize an article (a, an, the) unless it is first or last in a title

Free Capitalization Worksheets

Give your kids some extra practice on capitalization with these free worksheets that cover a wide variety of words that need to be capitalized. If you are working on sentences, you can also print some free sentence writing worksheets and a free preposition worksheet.

Capital Letters for Proper Names

The easiest proper nouns for kids to remember are names. For younger children, you can use a I can write my name worksheet to help them master this principle. 

Proper Names – Figure out the difference between common nouns and proper nouns and names that need to be capitalized.

Capitalizing Proper Names Quiz – Read about the rules for capitalizing proper names and then take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Capitalizing the First Word of Sentences Worksheets

Capitalize the First Word – Practice capitalizing the first word in a complete sentence.

First Letter of the Sentence – Work on rewriting a sentence making sure to add a capital letter to the first letter of each sentence.

Capitalizing Dates

When teaching kids the months of the year, it’s important for them to know what to capitalize. You can also incorporate some months of the year printables to help them master these rules. 

Capitalize Dates – Rewrite dates and months of the year making sure to capitalize them as you go.

Date Capitalization – This lesson plan and worksheet will teach your students the proper way to capitalize dates.

Capitalizing Special Words

How to Capitalize Product Names – Learn about why product names need to be capitalized and how to write them properly.

Product Names – Product names should be capitalized, but the general name of the product doesn’t need to be. Find out more with this worksheet.

Capitalize Days and Holidays

There are lots of American federal holidays, as well as world-wide holidays. Kids need to know to capitalize these. 

Days of the Week – This worksheet will have your kids practice writing and capitalizing the days of the week. 

Holidays – The names of holidays need to always be capitalized. Practice writing these popular holidays.

Days of the Week and Months – Practice writing the names of days and months with a capital letter. 

Capitalization Worksheets

Capitalization worksheets are great to use to help your children remember to capitalize the names of people, months of the year, street names and more. 

Capitalize Titles (Books, Movies, Brand Names)

Capital Letters in Titles – Titles need to be capitalized too. Get some extra practice with titles by rewriting them with a capital letter.

Capitalizing and Punctuating Titles – Capitalizing titles can be tricky. This worksheet will help your children how to capitalize titles of books and other titles and headings.

Rules for Capitalizing Titles – Learn the rules of capitalizing titles when writing.

Capitalize Place Names

People and Places – Work on writing the names of people and the names of places with this grammar capitalization worksheet.

Geographical Places – Geographical places need to be capitalized too. Practice writing the names of rivers, countries and mountains.

Capitalize Addresses

Capital Letters in Addresses – Rewrite addresses to learn how to capitalize streets, cities, states and countries. 

Addressing Envelopes Practice – Practice writing addresses with capital letters by working on addressing envelopes.

Capitalization Practice With Longer Texts

Rules of Capitalization – Learn the rules of capitalization be rewriting passes with long text. The more practice the easier it will be to remember what needs to be capitalized.

Capitalization Practice Worksheet – Longer texts with lots of words can be hard to remember what needs to be capitalized. Rewrite the longer texts with the correct capitalization of words.

Fixing Capitalization Errors Worksheets

Fix the Capitalization – Your children will get to be an editor as they fix the capitalization in the sentences.

Capitalization Grammar Quiz – Put check marks next to the words that need to be capitalized with this fun quiz.

Correcting Capitalization – Use this worksheet to rewrite the sentences and capitalize the errors.

Re-Write Sentences with Capital Letters Worksheets

Correcting and Rewriting Capitalization – Read the sentences with the capitalization grammar errors and rewrite them with the correct capitalization.

Editing for Caps – Test your skills as an editor by correcting the sentence with capital letters and editing marks. 

Capitalization Skills – Rewrite the sentences with capital letters. There is even an answer key if your student needs help.

In Conclusion:

There are lots of rules to remember when your children are learning how to write a paragraph for kids. When children are leanring about capitalization, you can use a letter template for kids for fun practice. With extra practice and worksheets your children will begin to naturally remember what needs to be capitalized as they are writing. 

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