7 Hands-On Ways to Have Fall Fun

October 7, 2021

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Get ready to have some hands-on fall fun with your kids this month. We have seven great projects to try in your homeschool. Most of them use materials that are easy to find around the house or during a fall nature walk. Here’s to being inspired while the seasons change!

girl with fall leaves

Learning About Seasons

You probably already have some seasonal learning topics ready for your kids this fall. Now you can add these great hands-on projects into the plan. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have some cute art work to add to the homeschool room.

Your kids can create Four Seasons Tree Pictures while you learn about this topic. Grab some awesome picture books from the library or just take a walk and talk about the change in seasons.

For this simple hands-on craft, you’ll just need construction paper, scissors, glue, and tissue paper. It’s really a classic project that you probably made in elementary school too. Your preschoolers will be able to exercise those fine motor skills as they tear and glue tissue paper to create their seasonal tree.

seasonal fall tree project

Or, if you don’t mind things getting a little messy, grab the fingerpaint instead and have your kids create a seasonal Fingerprint Tree. You can add a beautiful quote to the print and add it to your homeschool room display. It makes a great keepsake. This tutorial even has a fall tree printable to help you get started.

Natural Fall Crafting Materials

While on a nature walk with your kids, look for a few specific items and then you’ll have the natural crafting materials you need for these hands-on fall fun craft projects. All you need are apples, branches, and a variety of leaves.

First, your kids will love making art using apples as a stamp! If you save the seeds, you can glue them on the finished art piece. Simply cut the apple in half and use acrylic paint to stamp the apple shape onto paper or a canvas.

Next, try out these next two project with all the leaves you collect on your walk. If you still have the paint out, your kids can make some leaf paintbrushes to experiment with different textures and finishes. All you need to do is bundle some leaves and secure them onto a firm branch. Then, let your kids paint away with some watercolor.

painting paper with leaves

Or, if you’d rather not have a messy craft, then consider making fall placemats with your leaf collection. Using contact paper, you can save your kids’ leaf collection and admire it all season.

Hands-On Fall Fun for Littles

Even your littlest learners can have some fall fun with these last two ideas!

Preschoolers and toddlers love sensory experiences, so grab some simple supplies to make a fall sensory jar. All you need is a clear plastic  water bottle. Remove a small amount of the water, then allow your child to add some small plastic  objects to the bottle. Once you’re happy with the result, glue the top on so it’s secure. Your child will love looking at their fall sensory jar!

And finally, kids of all ages will love this Birch Tree Tape Resist Picture. You don’t even have to be artsy to have a lovely final project! Just grab some masking tape, paint and brushes, and some buttons to glue on to your tree and you’ll be ready for this fall-inspired art project.

More Hands-On Fall Fun

Check out these additional links for more hands-on learning projects to incorporate into your homeschool. Happy Fall!



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