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Homeschooling Resources Round-up Part 2 – Phonics, Spelling & Vocabulary

60+ Resources for Spelling, Vocabulary and Phonics

Part 2 of the Homeschooling Resources Round-Up Series includes links for Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary resources. Part 1¬† in the series includes links for Grammar, Copywork and Handwriting. Be sure to follow along in the series as we have a lot more coming up!PHONICS ¬†RESOURCESAll About SpellingAll About Spelling Review from Homeschool GiveawaysLogic of English […]

Homeschooling Resources Round-up Part 1 – Grammar, Copywork & Handwriting

80+ Grammar Copywork Handwriting Resources for Homeschool

Part 1 in this series will cover resources for Grammar, Copywork and Dictation. Each of the resources below will include a link to the author’s website and if available, I have linked to a review. Reviews from other moms that have used the curriculum is the best way to learn about these resources because they […]

Homeschooling Resources Round-Up 15-Part Series

Homeschooling Round Up Resources 15 Part Series

Spring is finally here, the days are getting hotter and longer and most kids are looking forward to their summer break from school work. Even if you school year round, I am sure there is still a summer break in there somewhere. But for us moms, our work is just starting. For us, it’s planning […]