Weather Fact Cards for Elementary Students (Free Printable)

September 1, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Learning about weather is an integral part of your elementary students’ science journey. These printable weather cards for elementary students are a great addition to any weather unit.

Elementary students weather fact cards with workbook and pages scattered and a yellow background

Printable Weather Fact Cards

Are you learning about weather in your homeschool? Weather can be fun and fascinating for students to learn about. You can use these printable weather flashcards alngside any science curriculum or weather unit. 

Ways to Use Printable Weather Cards

You can print two copies of our free printable weather cards and make a matching game or a memory game. The weather cards are great for building vocabulary using weather-realted terms. Using the cards on a weather chart or classroom calendar is another great idea.

It’s a great idea to laminate the flash card, especially if you intend to use them in a group setting. Using card stock also helps the weather cards to be more durable.

What’s on the Weather Cards

Students will learn weather words and what they mean. They will also learn about clouds as clouds are a factor when it comes to the weather. You can use some free clouds printables if you’d like to focus more on clouds. 

Weather Words on Card #1

  • Tornado
  • Weather Station
  • Weather Vane
  • Wind Cone

printable weather cards

Weather Words on Card #2

  • Lightning
  • Nimbostratus
  • Rain
  • Rain Gauge

weather fact cards

Weather Words on Card #3

  • Cirrostratus
  • Cirrus
  • Cumulonimbus
  • Cumulus

weather cards

Weather Words on Card #4

  • Altocumulus
  • Altostratus
  • Anemometer
  • Cirrocumulus

weather cards

Weather Words on Card #5

  • Snow
  • Statocumulus
  • Stratus
  • Thermometer

weather terminology

Blank Weather Cards

If you want to see how much your student has learned about weather using these cards, you can use the cards with the blank lines to test their knowledge. They can also practice their handwriting by copying the information found on the weather cards onto the blank lines. 

blank weather cards

Weather Fact Cards Printable

Scroll to the bottom to get access to our free printable Weather Flash Cards for elementary students. This set of pdf weather cards is a great resource to learn and use with engaging exercises to review what students have learned. 

multiple weather fact cards and Weather Fact Cards workbook with a white background

Why is it important for your kids to learn about the weather?

Having discussions with your students and making observations about the weather are great ways to explore earth science. Since the weather is always changing, weather can be both observed and measured which creates great hands-on and engaging learning opportunities for your students.

How to teach weather to elementary students?

You can start off each morning with weather observations and even sing a weather song. You can use a weather board to show what the weather is like each day.

Whether your students are young or they are older elementary kids, there are several fun ways to teach them about the weather.

Here are a few ways to teach the weather in your homeschool.

Share and Observe Weather Daily

Students can use weatherboards for visual learning with the weather. Your homeschool area can be decorated with a weather poster and weather cards.

Is it sunny today? Is it rainy? With the poster, students can velcro the weather cards each day to show observation. 

Learn Weather Words and Weather Vocabulary

Building vocabulary is so important and integrating vocabulary lessons with your normal lesson plans like in the topic of weather is a win/win. Are your students learning Spanish? Remember to learn the Spanish words alongside the English words for your weather vocabulary as well.

Check out this video to help with learning some weather vocabulary for kids and the fun vocabulary activities below.

Fun Activities for Weather Activities – Yes, students can work on their vocabulary words for weather in worksheets or paper. However, check out some of these cool vocab activities to make weather words fun.

Keep Weather Journals

Make a Weather Diary for Kids – Learn how your kids can make their very own weather diary to keep them connected ad logging down to weather. Our weather changes so much which makes a perfect topic for kids to monitor and learn from.

Watch and read the local weather forecasts. Track hurricanes on a map or a piece of graph paper or computer.

STEM Hurricane Mapping Activity – Students may learn about hurricanes and other weather events. However, it is an extra engaging and fun activity to actually track them. Use this resource to do just that.

Weather Activities

Challenge your students with some hands-on weather activities and experiments. Here are a few for you to check out.

Fun Hands-on Clouds Activity – This super simple clouds activity helps kids learn about cirrus (wispy), stratus (layered), and cumulus (puffy) clouds. This activity will go great alongside your lessons on how clouds form.

DIY Weather Vane to Learn About Wind – Your students can make their very own weather vane in order to learn all about the wind. This activity is pe4fect for kids as they can actually test the wind in their own area, even the backyard.

10 Weather Science Hands-On Experiments – Check out these 10 easy weather science activities for kids. This list includes DIY weather vanes, making an anemometer, creating a thunderstorm, making a rain gauge and so much more.

15 Weather STEM Activities for Kids – You won’t want to miss these 15 fun weather STEM activities your students will love. From coffee can condensation, weather graphing,  or lightning experiments, there is something for every kid to enjoy.

Cloud in a Jar Science Activity – If your kids ever wonder where clouds come from. A weather unit is exactly what your science student needs. Your kids will love to make a cloud in a jar.

Fun Weather Facts

Finally, don’t forget to teach your students some true, fun, and even freaky facts about the weather.

Here are some educational, fun, and freaky facts to share with your students.

Did you know that:

  • Changes in the atmospheric pressure cause the wind we feel all around us.
  • Weather, climate, ocean currents, and seasons are all driven by the connection between our Earth and the sun. In fact, the sun generates the weather patterns on Earth.
  • Cirrus clouds are made up of ice crystals.
  • Some frogs tend to get noisier when it is about to rain.
  • Lightening often follows a volcanic eruption of some sort.
  • It is known that an actual heatwave can cause train tracks to bend.

There are so many other cool facts about the weather that your students will be curious to learn. That is why printable weather flashcards are a great way for students to learn about the weather today.

Printable Weather Cards PDF

Are you ready to print off these free weather cards? Click here to get access

pages about weather related things

Download Free Weather Fact Cards

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