Ways to Motivate Your Teen to Write (FREE Printable Writing Prompts)

August 9, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If a teen doesn’t like to write, then suddenly writing can become a dreaded experience in your homeschool. As they get older, reluctant writers become more and more willed to not sit down and write. So what do we do? This resource provides some pretty smart ways to motivate teens to write – and maybe even get them to like it.

Secrets to Motivating Teens to Write text with image of a girl holding a book and a pen to her chin making a thinking face

I never was really forced to write much in middle school or high school. When I got to college, I learned that I actually love it. Not everyone feels the same as me. You also have to remember that when assignments are given in school, they seem more like work than anything kids see as a “good” thing.

Many times teens are going through a lot of emotions. Teaching just about anything can become a challenge. Catch them on an off day and man, you wonder how you could even get through these years. BUT it’s OK.

I love this article! I love writing and I am particularly interested in how writing can help teenagers. It is so true that usually, writing focuses heavily on grammar and is often taught as a boring formula made up of rules instead of fostering creativity. of boring rules instead of an exercise in creativity.

Learn how to make your teen’s writing more meaningful to them and help them to actually care about it as an outlet.

This super good resource explains how to approach writing in your homeschool, how to make writing spontaneous, and shows sneaky ways to get your teens writing without it feeling like a burden to them.

Get some extra writing skills to assist your middle school students this homeschool year.

Writers in Residence by Apologia

Grab this FREE download with the ultimate list of writing prompts to motivate kids to write from the Proverbial Homemaker.

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