Ultimate School Supply List for New Homeschool Parents

August 16, 2021

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It’s back-to-school time and stores everywhere are promoting their merchandise as stuff your kids can’t supposedly live without. From backpacks and jeans to notebooks and electronic gadgets, the retail industry clamors for parents to buy, but what do you really need? After polling several homeschool groups on social media, AOP compiled the best school supply list for homeschool parents!

Ultimate School Supply List for New Homeschool Parents

3-hole puncher

3-ring binders

Art smock (an old, oversized shirt put on backwards works great)

Art supplies

Backpacks – (perfect for field trips or on-the-go studying)

Beads, magnets, and other math manipulatives

Bible and concordance

Bookshelves – (you never have enough)

Calculator – (multi functional for older students)

Clear adhesive tape

Clipboards – (for all those learning moments on the couch)

Colored construction paper and tag board

Computer and printer/ink cartridges

Craft table – (it beats having to clean off the kitchen table when you want to eat)

Craft supplies

Dictionary and thesaurus

Digital camera – (record all those precious learning moments)

Drawing paper

Dry-erase board, markers, and eraser (not as messy as chalk)

Electric pencil sharpener and pencils

Erasable year at-a-glance wall calendar

Flash cards

Games (traditional and educational)

Globe and atlases

Glue/glue sticks

Graph paper

Heavy-duty stapler and staples

Index cards

Journal and composition notebooks

Lesson planner notebook or software

Lined penmanship paper (elementary students)

Markers, highlighters, colored pencils, and crayons

Multi-drawer storage containers (store daily to-do lessons or completed work)

Notebook paper

Paint and brushes

Pencil boxes

Penmanship letter charts

Post its

Report binders



Scratch paper

Sports equipment

Timeline charts

More enthusiasm for your homeschool year can also be created by shopping together with your children and letting them pick out their own supplies. Also, remember to buy reward stickers and other items that encourage your children in their daily work. Most importantly, work within your homeschooling budget and don’t let yourself get caught in the hype to buy unnecessary school supply items.

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