Tips & Resources for Homeschooling High School

September 14, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Homeschooling high school can feel intimidating for many parents, especially if you find yourself suddenly homeschooling without much notice. This post gathers wisdom from dozens of other homeschool moms in the areas of curriculum recommendations, schedules, and paperwork that will help you navigate homeschooling high school.

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Curriculum Recommendations

The big benefit of homeschooling through the high school years is the ability to craft a customized education plan for your child. While you always want to make sure you are fulfilling your state requirements for graduation, you are usually free to include interest-led electives and other forward-looking courses that will benefit your teens for years to come.

Consider dual enrollment options if your highschooler plans to go to college in the future. It’s a great way to save money, get a head start on college academics, while also fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

Consider these curriculum recommendations from other homeschool parents if you’re still looking for some of the best programs out there for each subject area.

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Homeschool High School Schedules

Homeschool high school students are usually very independent, which makes it possible to use a flexible schedule. Because you are in charge of their daily schedule as the homeschool parent, you can even plan for them to apprentice, work part-time, or start a business. You can include these hours on the transcript as an elective or boost their resume.

One of the benefits of allowing your teens to control their homeschool schedule is that it gives them the responsibility for following through. In a few years, they will be accountable to a college professor or employer to follow through without your help, so working toward that independence and schedule control now is an important step.

However, just like everything else in homeschooling, there is no one right way to do high school scheduling! Check out these creative ideas.

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Paperwork for Homeschooling High School

One of the hardest parts of homeschooling high school is knowing you need to be more meticulous in the paperwork, and especially the transcript! But you also don’t need to reinvent the wheel! There are so many high school resources that you can print and use. Here’s a great collection to get you started.

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