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May 12, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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I am thrilled to partner with Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History (our very favorite homeschooling curriculum), to bring you a FREEBIE and a chance to win a full best-seller bundle of The Mystery of History with all sorts of supplements to enhance the curriculum. 

In our entire homeschooling journey of 12+ years we have only ever used one curriculum from start to finish, and you guessed it – it was The Mystery of History. We plan to cycle through it for a second time this coming fall and I am looking forward to introducing my youngest to world history the way it should be taught to everyone!

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The Mystery of History is a complete, chronological homeschool world history curriculum with a Christian worldview. Written in a conversational tone, it has been a favorite of homeschooling families for over a decade, including ours! 

Mystery of History freebie and giveaway

I never enjoyed or learned anything in the public school system about world history. When I taught it to our oldest using The Mystery of History, she was in 5th grade and it was all new for me too. I wasn’t excited about teaching history, I was actually dreading it, because I thought it would be just like I remember – dry and boring. 

I was in for a treat though, because this was not what I remembered history to be like. It was written in such a way that I even remember my daughter requesting to read the next lesson right after the first one. They were that interesting and written in a way that was more like a conversation – like a living book. I had no idea what a “living book” was back then, but I sure knew it made history come alive for me as well as my daughter. 

When we started using The Mystery of History there were only three volumes. We did all three and moved on to teaching American history for eighth grade. During her eighth grade school year we learned that volume IV was scheduled for release before the next school year, which made us both pleased. It did not disappoint!

Mystery of History world history curriculum

If you have been looking for a complete world history homeschool curriculum to use with your children that:

  • is written from a biblical worldview
  • is chronological from the start of Creation
  • weaves in Christian history alongside happenings around the world – for example you will learn about Joshua (1451 BC) and King Tut (1333 BC) back-to-back
  • doesn’t shy away from teaching the secular parts of history (from a Christian worldview)
  • reads more like a storybook or conversation than a dry textbook
  • can be used with all ages K-12
  • has the flexibility to use it with all your children at the same time
  • allows you to do as much – or as little extra activities and worksheets, quizzes, mapping etc. as you want in your homeschool
  • offers options for notebooking, coloring pages, lapbooks (folderbooks), challenge cards, audiobooks, and more

Then I cannot recommend The Mystery of History enough! Try it and you will not be disappointed. 

Some links that you might find helpful when considering The Mystery of History:

In celebration of our upcoming second cycle of The Mystery of History we have partnered with Linda Lacour Hobar to give away one Best-Seller Bundle of the winner’s choosing.

The best-seller bundles include everything you need and then some! You will love the audio set if you enjoy audiobooks in your homeschool.

Mystery of History new arrival

Mystery of History bundle


The History Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures will ad such a nice touch to a history timeline when using The Mystery of History. There is a new and corresponding set for each volume!

Mystery of History bundle

Mystery of History bundle


If you plan to use The Mystery of History, you might want to grab our FREE Planning & Portfolio Pages:

Free Downloads for all 4 Volumes of Mystery of History

Because we all love homeschooling freebies, we also have a FREE offer for you from The Mystery of History.

FREE: “Modern History that Shook the World” Workshop

Want to better understand the headlines? Planning to teach modern history? Then you need “Modern History That Shook the World!” 

Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of the award-winning series, The Mystery of History, as she recounts world-shaking events from the 20th century to present day from a biblical worldview. With vivid snapshots of the Cold War, the Formation of Israel, the War in Korea, the Collapse of the Soviet Union, and more, students and teachers will not only see the past more clearly, but be better prepared for the future!

How to get it for FREE:

  1. Click this link and add the product to your cart
  2. Use coupon code modernhistorythatshooktheworld (easy enough, right?)
  3. Complete the free check out
  4. Coupon expires on 5/20/19

Enter for your chance to win a complete bundle of your choice from The Mystery of History below.

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FREEBIE from The Mystery of History

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