41+ Thrilling Ted Dekker Books List in Order for Teens

June 12, 2024

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If your teens enjoy Christian fiction, they may have heard of the author Ted Dekker. He is a Christian New York Times best-selling author of mystery, thriller suspense and fantasy novels that focus on good vs. evil. Let’s take a look at the 41+ Ted Dekker Books List in Order for teens.

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Ted Dekker Books List in Order for Teens

I read all of the Christian fiction books that I could get my hands on when I was in high school. As a young adult, I started reading heavier, suspense thrillers and I came across Ted Dekker with his first book, Blink, later named Blink of an Eye.

If your teens are a fan of crime thrillers, suspense and mystery like Dean Koontz or Stephen King they will enjoy the Ted Dekker books. I would highly encourage you to review and research all the books first before your child reads them. Many of them have a serial killer as a main character, and there are some graphic crime scenes in some of the books. As the parent you know your teens and what they can and can not handle.

If you’d like to preview a book without the cost then I recommend trying Audible’s free 30-day trial as a huge number of these book series are also available as audiobooks.

Who is Ted Dekker?

Ted Dekker is one of the top suspense writers of all time. He had a unique upbringing being the son of missionaries that worked near the head hunters and cannibals of Indonesia. His writings reflect some of the darker, spiritual things he experienced growing up.

He has written and co-written over 50 books, with his latest books being geared towards youth and teens. Today, we are going to dive into the list of Ted Dekker books that are good for youth and teens to read.

Are Ted Dekker books religious?

Ted Dekker is a Christian fiction author, who has co-written books with other Christian authors such as: Frank Peretti, Erin Healy, Tosca Lee, Bill Bright and his daughters Rachelle Dekker and Kara Dekker.

His books consist of fantasy novels and supernatural thrillers. They are full of deep religious symbolism, spiritual warfare, good vs. evil, light shining in the darkness and allegories.

In what order should I read the Ted Dekker books?

There are many books in the Dekkerverse that are interconnected in one way or another. Specifically in the Books of History Chronicles. There is a chronological order to read these so that the stories come together and make sense. Many of his other adult fiction books are stand alone and can be read in any order.

The Books of History Chronicles

There are a few series that fall under the Books of History Chronicles. Let’s take a look at the list of these Ted Dekker books in order and their publication dates.

The Circle Series

The Circle Series started off as the Circle Trilogy, with Black, Red and White. Green came out later as the final book in the series. It is a sequel and a prequel to the series, which makes the series a complete circle.

This series follows Thomas Hunter when every time he falls asleep in this world, he wakes up in an alternate universe, where God is called Elyon and the fall has not happened yet. It is up to him to save both worlds and he begins a quest to save Earth from a deadly virus while fighting the alternate universe from the influence of sin.

  • Black: The Birth of Evil (2003)
  • Red: The Heroic Rescue (2004)
  • White: The Great Pursuit (2004)
  • Green: The Beginning and the End (2009)

Circle Graphic Novels

If your kids are a graphic novel fan, they may enjoy the Circle Series Graphic Novels.

  • Black: The Birth of Evil (2007)
  • Red: The Heroic Rescue (2007)
  • White: The Great Pursuit (2007)

    The Paradise Series

    The Paradise Trilogy is connected by the Book of History that are mentioned in the Circle Series.

    Caution: Recommended for mature teens and young adults. The Paradise Novels are much darker and creepier than the Circle Series, and introduce a villain that appears in many other books in the Books of History Chronicles.

    • Showdown (2005)
    • Saint (2006)
    • Sinner (2008)

    The Lost Books Series

    The Lost Books is a young adult series spin off of the Circle novels. The first letter of each title spells the word Circle. Four teens are chosen for a quest to find the seven lost books of History before the Dark One does. These books take place chronologically between the books Black and Red in the Circle Series.

    • Chosen (2007)
    • Infidel (2007)
    • Renegade (2008)
    • Chaos (2008)
    • Lunatic (With: Kaci Hill) (2009)
    • Elyon (With: Kaci Hill) (2009)

    Lost Graphic Novels

    There are also 4 graphic novels for the Lost Books Series.

    • Chosen (2008)
    • Infidel (2008)
    • Renegade (2009)
    • Chaos (2009)

    *** There are more stand-alone books that tie into the Books of History Chronicles, but they are not recommended for teens.

    Youth and Teen Series

    Ted Dekker has co-written a series of novels that are written specifically for youth and teens. These new books are great for your children that are into fantasy books with plot twists and dystopian/apocalyptic fiction.

    Dream Traveler’s Quest with Kara Dekker

    The Dream Travelers Series follows a 12 year old boy who feels alone and full of fear when he stumbles upon an ancient book that takes him into another world. Written for ages 8 -17.

    • Into the Book of Light (2018)
    • The Curse of Shadowman (2018)
    • The Garden and the Serpent (2018)
    • The Final Judgment (2018)

    Journey to Impossible Places with H.R. Hutzel

    Join Charlie, on a breathtaking adventure to the dark world of Lumina to find three keys and save the world from eternal darkness. This Journey to Impossible Places series is an allegory of our struggles to find acceptance and belonging in a demanding world. With light and hope at every turn, it’s a story about self-discovery and the power of choice.

    Ages 9-16.

    • The Fall (2023)
    • The Great Divide (2023)
    • Redemption (2023)

    Millie Maven Books with Rachelle Dekker

    Millie Maven is a 12 year old orphan who twelve-year-old orphan who embarks on a great adventure that takes her to the distant, mysterious world of FIGS, the FarPointe Institute for Gifted Students where she finds out there is more to her than she ever imagined.

    Ted and his daughter Rachelle wrote this series aimed towards young women ages 8-14.

    • Millie Maven and Bronze Medallion (2020)
    • Millie Maven and the Golden Vial (2020)
    • Millie Maven and the White Sword (2020)

    The Dragon Series with Rachelle Dekker

    Dive into a fantasy world of dragons with this two part trilogy series written for ages 9-16. The Dragons Among Us trilogy occurs 25 years after the events of And They Found Dragons trilogy.

    And They Found Dragons Trilogy

    • The Boy Who Fell From the Stars (2021)
    • Journey to the Silver Towers (2021)
    • Rise of the Light Bringer (2021)

    The Dragons Among Us Trilogy

    • Son of the Light Bringer (2022)
    • Daughter of the Alchemist (2022)
    • Children of Zion (2022)

    The Dream Traveler’s Game with Kara Dekker

    The Dream Traveler’s Game is a sequel trilogy to the Dream Traveler’s Quest, but it can also be read as a stand alone series. It takes place 3 years after the Dream Traveler’s Quest.

    Theo is sucked into a virtual reality game set in an entirely new medieval world that is descending into chaos, as a small group of rebels seek to rescue their kingdom from the dark lord Marsuuv’s rule. Ages 8 and up.

    • The Boy and His Song (2023)
    • The Warrior and the Archer (2023)
    • Out of the Darkness (2023)

    World of Impossible Things with H.R. Hutzel

    This is a sequel series in The Impossible Places series, but can also be read as a stand alone series. Take another voyage into the light with Michael as he sets sail on an adventure to uncover the legend of the Three Divine Flames and save the worlds of Raven and Earth from eternal chaos. Ages 9-16.

    • Legend of the Flames (2024)
    • Curse of the Ember (2024)
    • Treasure Beyond World’s End (2024)
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    Final Thoughts

    Many avid readers of Christian fiction love the Ted Dekker books, while others may caution the darkness or violence in them. Many of Ted Dekker’s books can be dark and creepy with lots of suspense. Two of them: House and Thr3e were turned into major feature films which were thrillers rated PG 13 and R.

    I would use caution for the ones that are not specifically labeled for youth or teens. Every family is different with what they allow their children to read. I personally enjoyed all of his books, and am excited to read the newest series for youth with my own teens.

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