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June 29, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Yay! It’s summer break for many of us. But even if you homeschool year-round, you probably add in some extra fun and seasonal resources. So whether you’re taking a hard break from school for a few months, or keeping it going at a more relaxed pace, you’ll want to grab these free repetition punch cards. They’re the perfect way to keep kids motivated through the dog days of summer.

repetition punch cards

What Are Repetition Punch Cards

Repetition punch cards are just a fun, tangible way for kids to keep track of a repeating task. These are really useful any time of the year for tracking things like making the bed, brushing teeth, reading books, taking out the trash, or practicing math facts. Kids punch out a hole for each repetition. 

I’ve found a lot of excitement with using Practice Punch Cards for my piano students. Every day that they practice at home during the week, they can punch out one of the circles. Once the whole card is filled, they bring it back for a prize! The music practice cards have a total of 10 days of practice to complete a card. You can find them for free at

Overall, repetition punch cards provide motivation for kids to follow through with tasks everyday. Each card has seven holes, which takes you through an entire week.

It’s amazing how such a simple concept can motivate even the most stubborn kids! Grab a set (or three) and then decide the best way to use it with your kids this summer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the increased motivation.

How You Can Use Punch Cards

While these cards are great during the school year for all sorts of academic tasks, they can also help keep some consistency during the summer months.

Here are some tasks your kids can track during the summer:

  • exercise hours
  • hours outside
  • cutting the lawn
  • weeding the garden
  • helping around the house
  • chores
  • Bible memory
  • Bible reading
  • instrument practice
  • books read

All you need to do is print them (in color is fun!), then cut them out, then give one to each of your kids. Come up with a prize that they will win by completing a full card of seven repetitions. It could be as simple as a movie night, going out for ice cream, or earning some extra screen time. Kids are more motivated when they know what they’re going to win at the end.

Download Them for Free

You can grab the summer set of punch cards in the free resource library at There are three total designs in the summer set. These include camping, beach, and travel.

While you’re there, you can also get the music practice punch cards and the other year-round themed sets! The year-round themed sets include Christmas, Super Heroes, Under the Sea, Cute Animals, Emojis, plus more.

You could plan ahead to use these as daily homeschool task cards – list out 7 daily assignments or subjects and complete a day of school when all your holes are punched.

You can never have too many punch cards!

Repetition Punch Cards SUMMER SETS text with image examples of printable cards


How will you use these summer repetition punch cards?

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