Resources for Learning About the United Kingdom

December 18, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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It’s always interesting to learn about other countries that speak different languages. For some reason, we don’t focus much on countries that also primarily speak English. Why? English speaking countries are just as unique and exciting as other countries to learn about. These resources for learning about the United Kingdom are a great place to start.

Resources for teaching your kids about the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has a rich culture and history that will enhance your child’s knowledge of the world around them. The U.K. has a wide variety of landscapes, habitats, animals, and plants that thrive there. From rugged mountains to marshes, the U.K. has much to learn about in means of geography.

However, the learning doesn’t stop there. I have to tell you that the most intriguing thing for my kids to learn about when studying the United Kingdom were castles, knights, kings, and queens.

Whether you live in a country with no king or a country with a king, like mine, kids tend to be intrigued by the idea of the royal society.

My kids have grown to love learning interesting facts about a country. We found a few fun facts about the U.K. in various research sites that I think your kids and you will enjoy.

Before getting into some resources that provide all you need for a United Kingdom Unit Study in your home, check out these interesting facts that we thought were worth mentioning:

1. Great Britain is NOT the United Kingdom, although they are many times confused for the same place.

2. One of the U.K.’s most famous tourist attractions, Stonehenge (created in 3000BC), is believed to be even older than the pyramids in Egypt.

3. The British Library in London is the largest in the world, with over 170 million items filling its catalog.

4. The largest lake in the U.K. is known to be the home of a very famous (mythological) creature – the Loch Ness Monster, that “dwells” in Loch Ness.

5. The United Kingdom runs under a unitary parliamentary constitution with its head of state being the Queen of England II.

6. They grow over 60% of their very own food.

7. The United Kingdom invented the sports of soccer, rugby, boxing, golf, and cricket. I would not have guessed they invented boxing and golf. (My son loved this one because he plays rugby.) 

8. The U.K. celebrates a holiday called Boxing Day (December 26, also my son’s birthday). No, it’s not like the sport boxing like I initially thought. Boxing Day commemorates the day that servants historically received gifts from their employers.

9. We think of Big Ben in London and often think of a clock, but that is actually not right. Big Ben refers to the huge bell located within the clock tower.

10. French was the official language of the U.K. for 300 years!

Bear with me, I am almost done with my facts. We just really enjoyed learning about the U.K. this past year.

11. Feel safe if you ever visit Buckingham palace in England, they have their own police force.

12. Don’t ask why, but my kids thought it was funny that the U.K. has more chickens than people.

13. The United Kingdom is comprised of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England.

14. We had no idea that the United Kingdom is actually NOT the official name of the country. The official name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

15. The U.K. left the E.U. (European Union) in 2016. This was also known as BREXIT. It was both beneficial for my kids and myself to understand why Brexit happened and how.

16. About 60% of the U.K. consider themselves Christian.

17. The United Kingdom is smaller than the state of Oregon.

18. U.K. citizens consume about 165 million cups of tea per day.

19. The country does not have a constitution – the only country in the world that doesn’t have one.

20. The Windsor Palace is the largest and the oldest castle (that people live in) in the whole world.

21. Do you know that “London Bridge is Falling Down” was really a thing? Over 1000 years ago, the Saxons destroyed the London Bridge using boats and ropes to bring it tumbling down.

22. In the medieval times of England, even animals were tried at the royal courts – animals.

Of course, I can go and on. However, I will leave some of the research up to your kids.

These resources will help you to teach your kids all about the United Kingdom:

FREE Book Report Bundle & 5-Star Book List About The United Kingdom 

Inspire Adventure With Quality Literature


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United Kingdom Booklet (A Country Study!) | Mouse Travel Matters

Passport Geography: the United Kingdom |

Passport Europe United Kingdom

United Kingdom Fact Sheet Bundle: England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales | Starlight Treasure

UNITED KINGDOM – Printable handout with map and flag | Interactive Printables

The United Kingdom Printable Packs | Teach English Step-by-Step

the United Kingdom Montessori 3-part Cards | I Believe in Montessori

United Kingdom flipbook and hat craft activity | Sweet Sensations

British vs. American English: What are the Differences? | Fluentland

United Kingdom Flags Hundred Chart Mystery Pictures BUNDLE | Bookoodles of Learning

United Kingdom Christmas Around the World Boxing Day STEM Activity | Carly and Adam

FREE United Kingdom Printable Pack | Royal Baloo

KS1 Geography and History of the United Kingdom: powerpoints and activities pack |

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United Kingdom Geography Worksheets | SuperTeacherWorksheets

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Kids' Travel Guide - United Kingdom: The Fun Way to Discover the United Kingdom - Especially for Kids (Kids' Travel Guide Series)Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom: The Fun Way to Discover the United Kingdom – Especially for Kids (Kids’ Travel Guide Series)The Big Book of the UK: Facts, folklore and fascinations from around the United KingdomThe Big Book of the UK: Facts, folklore and fascinations from around the United KingdomTicket to Ride: United Kingdom Map Collection FiveTicket to Ride: United Kingdom Map Collection FiveRandom Facts & Fun Knowledge about the United Kingdom (Facts about Countries)Random Facts & Fun Knowledge about the United Kingdom (Facts about Countries)Belfast (Young Explorer: Capital Cities of the United Kingdom)Belfast (Young Explorer: Capital Cities of the United Kingdom)Info Buzz: Geography: The United KingdomInfo Buzz: Geography: The United Kingdom


Learning about the United Kingdom can be fun as kids remember their quirky habits like drinking tea more than any other nation in the world. So, grab some tea and crackers on your way to enjoy learning all about the United Kingdom in your homeschool adventures.

Resources for Learning About the United Kingdom

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