Resources for Learning About Thailand

February 22, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Years ago, my children enjoyed Muay Thai training, the national sport of Thailand. Check out these resources for learning about Thailand to learn more information about the South Asian country in your homeschool.

Resources for Learning About Thailand text with image of a big pushpin landed on Thailand on a map


My eldest daughter loves Muay Thai. Her petite frame didn’t stop her from training as a teenager.

She truly loved the sport, the art, the “Thai boxing,” and had an actual fight. It was awesome and empowering for her. I couldn’t be more proud of her efforts that day.

My little ones took Muay Thai classes as well. As a matter of fact, my youngest daughter got whacked in the face during a sparring match, and she thought it was the coolest thing. Her nose bled, but she didn’t care one bit.

My children love Muay Thai so much. So, when exploring How Unit Studies Can Break Up the Monotony in Homeschool, I knew developing a unit study around Muay Thai would capture my kids’ interests.

They learned so many cool facts about Muay Thai, Thailand, Thai art, and so much more.

Like the country we live in now, the Kingdom of Tonga, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand.

Here are some more interesting facts about Thailand to share with your geography lessons:

-Until 1939 (and 1946 to 1948), Thailand was known as Siam.

-Thailand has never been conquered (also like the country where I live). Thailand means “land of the free.”

-In Thailand, the most important part of the body is the head. It is disrespectful for people to touch someone in the head.

-Feet, according to Thai culture, symbolize an attachment to the earth, which seemingly is the cause of human suffering.

-Elephants roam all over Thailand. Weird note: Even the shape of the country kind of, sort of, looks like an elephant ear.

-Sad fact: Hundreds of years ago, there were about 100,000 elephants in Thailand; today there are only about 5,0000.

-All boys in Thailand, before the age of 20, spend some time as a Buddhist monk.

-Thailand is the world’s top producer of orchids.

– The Thai language is very difficult to learn. Thai has 44 consonants (compared to our 21) and has thirty-two vowels (compared to our five).

Explore these resources for learning about Thailand in your homeschool.

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Printable Card Game about Thailand text with image of outside

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Learn about the animals of Thailand:

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Check out these activities and crafts to help you teach your kids about Thailand:

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Your kids will enjoy exploring Thailand through videos and virtual tours:

Thai Islands: A Guided Tour – 6K 360 VR Video | VR Gorilla – Virtual Reality & 360 Videos

World Culture for Kids: A Virtual Visit to Thailand for Children | Mama Smiles

Thailand’s Tropical Forests from The Ambient Collection | Treadmill TV

Fire Lanterns and Fireworks in Chiang Mai -Thailand on New Years Eve 2020 | World Nature Video

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Resources for Learning About Thailand text with image of a big pushpin landed on Thailand on a map

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