No-Prep Science for Your Kindergartener

February 2, 2021


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If you’ve spent much time perusing homeschooling material, you’ve likely found yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by options, especially when it comes to science instruction. It feels like there are two extremes: you’re either pulling everything together yourself, searching for outdated books, and developing your own experiments (and sourcing your own supplies), or you’re looking at a dry textbook with experiments and context that are actually meant for classrooms.

There must be a better, easier, richer option, right? There is! It’s Science K Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design from Sonlight!

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Literature-Based Curriculum Instills a Love of Learning

Sonlight is a literature-based curriculum that provides rich, realistic resources that are ready-to-go, just right for busy homeschooling parents. Sonlight keeps it real!

In 2020, Sonlight revised their kindergarten science program with new books, new worksheets, and a brand new philosophy . . . and we are liking what they’re doing! The entire philosophy behind this program is that you discover AND do. It’s not just knowledge, and it’s not just experiments. It’s an amazing blend of both, in very realistic terms, and arranged in a generous timeline.

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Ready-To-Go Science for Busy Homeschool Families

Sonlight realizes how important science is but that it can be hard for homeschool parents to always include it along with the many, many things we have to do on a daily basis. So they worked on a way to make implementing experiments fun for everyone, even mom or dad, without it being stressful or overwhelming.

Having a science curriculum that you can just open and go that includes EVERYTHING you need makes science enjoyable for your youngsters and easy to implement for you! For homeschool moms who are not hands-on and dread experiments, you will appreciate the ready-to-go aspect of Sonlight’s science program for early learners.

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What’s Included in Sonlight Science for Kindergarten

This year-long science program covers 36 weeks of high-level overviews of ecosystems, meteorology, physics, and even engineering design with an impressive focus on STEM. You get everything you need at a really affordable price.

I’ve considered buying monthly science subscription kits, and those can run $25-30 monthly. Sonlight’s curriculum includes 36 weekly experiments plus books and a DVD for much less money. It’s truly a bargain.

Sonlight Kindergarten Science Includes:

  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Amazing selection of vividly-illustrated, non-fiction books
  • Great book of experiments perfect for kindergarten through first grade
  • Engaging fiction, living books to guide your exploration of scientific concepts
  • A Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit

The Instructor’s Guide is a must! It includes all your lesson plans, scheduling, and pacing, and can save your hours of work and frustration.

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The fiction and non-fiction books are amazing! More on that below, but I was really impressed by their selection and depth.

The experiment book helps you teach your child how to be a scientist. It covers things such as how water striders stay afloat, how plants help us breathe, how to build a better boat, how clouds form, and more.

The Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit is a lifesaver! It has everything you need so there’s no need to rummage through the junk drawer at 1:00 a.m., make a last-minute run to the hardware store, or just plain skip the hands-on science activities that kids love.

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What We Loved About Sonlight’s Ready-To-Go Science Program

Highlights of Sonlight’s Science Curriculum for Kindergarteners:

  • Ease. As you may have already guessed, I love how organized this program is. My favorite part is the science kit you receive that is filled with every little thing for each science experiment, down to packing peanuts and cheese puff balls. They thought of everything because you already have plenty to think of! This kit makes the experiments absolutely “open-and-go,” so that they actually happen, which is a major homeschool victory for this mom!
  • Organization and Pacing. Sonlight knows how to break books into super-consumable, bite-sized pieces so you can dig deeply without getting lost in the weeds. Their schedule of reading in their science program is really doable and makes sense alongside the fuller load in their History/Bible/Literature program. But don’t mistake it as weak. They’ve made some really impactful book selections.
  • Book selection. My boys absolutely loved the science book selections from Sonlight. I wouldn’t have thought to spend a month on ants, but they made it work in a way that was super engaging and taught my little guys facts I wouldn’t have thought to introduce. The books have vivid illustrations, engaging information, and facts or stories, and I particularly like the mix of fiction and non-fiction.

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  • Activity Sheets. If you’re a living book kind of teacher, you might shy away from worksheets, but these are not busywork nor are they traditional worksheets. After reading the books, my boys really enjoyed showing me all they had learned as we read. The Activity Sheets also remind me of progress and are valuable if you need to show a portfolio to your state.

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All in all, we are fans of the Science K Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design from Sonlight! We really enjoyed the ease of implementation along with the richness and depths of the study. 

I urge you to visit Sonlight today and check out this incredible program. They have free samples you can download so you can get a feel for how their program will work in your homeschool!

You might also want to check out Exploring American History Level K from Sonlight.

This all-inclusive kindergarten curriculum includes everything you need for literature, Bible, and even phonics instruction, all delivered in the overarching theme of American history. 

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