All-in-One Kindergarten Program for the Busy Mom

February 2, 2021


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Sonlight’s Exploring American History Level K is much more than an American history curriculum for homeschoolers.

This all-in-one kindergarten program for the busy mom includes everything you need for literature, Bible, and even phonics instruction, all delivered in the overarching theme of American history. This program covers a full year of instruction and is also appropriate for a first grader.

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In this level, as you would rightly expect, topics are covered from a high-level, overview perspective, digging into interesting American heroes like George Washington and Dave the Potter, an enslaved African American who held on to education when it was forbidden.

You’ll also explore the entire Bible in one year, enjoy wonderful poetry perfect for a 5- or 6-year-old, and get a quick start in phonics instruction with small, easy leveled readers.

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What I Loved About This All-Encompassing History Program

Let me share with you the benefits of this American history kindergarten program and what I particularly enjoyed about it. 

Sonlight’s Exploring American History Level K is Convenient

I cannot say enough about how easy it is to get started with this program. The convenience factor is over the top. Sonlight’s Exploring American History Level K curriculum includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide (called an Instructor’s Guide),
  • Reading Schedule (which also includes questions to discuss from the readings)
  • A beautiful Bible
  • CD for Scripture memory
  • Timeline figures and timeline book (for creating a book of centuries)
  • Every single book that’s scheduled over the 36-week year

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Sonlight Curriculum is Very Organized and Easy to Use

Sonlight hits this out of the park as well. The weekly grids make daily implementation super simple. Open the guide, see what you need to read, do that, and follow any further instructions for projects or discussion.

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Sonlight offers Homeschool Support

Sonlight offers amazing curriculum Advisors completely free of charge. This is a huge blessing as new homeschoolers may be feeling a little overwhelmed at how to get started. These curriculum advisors help clear the muddy waters in selecting just what your family needs to get started in your home education journey, but they are also available to answer questions, offer encouragement, and help you along the way during your school year!

Amazing Pre-Screened Living Books

Books – books – books. I love so many of the books included in this program! I’d never seen the Bible or poetry book they utilize as core to this program, and I’m so thankful to have found these wonderful gems! Many of the books included in the program are fun and enriching.

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Sonlight’s Heroes and Happenings

I love these volumes! They are written in a very engaging format, and my little students loved them immensely! They include 60 chapters and cover people from various backgrounds and of various ethnicities and events from almost every state. There’s even a whole chapter on the Pony Express for the horse lovers in your homeschool.

In Summary

I loved Sonlight’s Exploring American History Level K curriculum. My only suggestion would be that if you aren’t familiar with literature-based programs and you have young kindergartners, just be patient while you find a rhythm that works with them for so much read aloud material. There is a LOT of reading in Sonlight, but of course, that’s expected in any book-based program, and it’s one of the best things about Sonlight.

The literature portion of the K program is predominantly chapter books. Since the Bible I love so much is a 365-day Bible, several readings are scheduled each day. Between the Bible readings and the read alouds, this was more reading aloud than I typically do in a day. Just keep the water close and consider breaking them into small “sessions” to get through effectively.

All in all, I find the Exploring American History Level K program from Sonlight easy to use, especially perfect for new homeschoolers, filled with rich content, and an amazing resource for the homeschooling community!

You can visit Sonlight today and take a closer look at this amazing history program. There are free samples you can download to see how well their program will work in your homeschool!

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