Laundry Routine for Large Families

July 8, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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There is no method to my madness. Laundry is done on Saturdays and it takes all day, literally all day. Something needs to change and quick. If you are in a similar predicament, then check out this daily laundry routine for large families to help you smooth out the process.

large family laundry routine

I really need some help with my laundry routine. Our weekdays are so busy that I have reverted back to doing laundry one day a week, on Saturdays. This really disturbs the whole day. We make plans around what time we will be done with laundry.

Our Saturdays could use a revamping and maybe it needs to start with a new routine to my laundry madness Saturdays.

I know some people do laundry every day, but that is just not feasible for me. I live on an island that rains a lot. I also do not have a dryer so all our clothes need to be hung up on an outside line – stone ages, I know, trust me.

It is a daunting task for laundry, so I am in search of different ways to streamline my approach. I sound like a business executive, but you get my drift. I can’t do it every day and Saturdays waste a whole day.

Let’s take the reigns on our laundry with some help from this useful resource.

Explore this insight on daily laundry routines for large families from Raising Arrows.


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