1. I entered my e-mail address but never received an e-mail with the freebie. What should I do?

After you enter your e-mail address, you will be redirected to a page that contains the information you need to claim the freebie. In most instances, you can download the freebie from that page. Occasionally, we will send the freebie via e-mail. In those instances, the freebie page will clearly advise you to expect an email.

2. Oops! I accidentally closed the page that has the details to claim the freebie. What should I do?

Return to the page where you entered your e-mail address and re-enter your e-mail. You will be redirected back to the page with the freebie downloads and/or details. (No worries. You won’t be subscribed to our list twice. This merely confirms that you are already a subscriber.)

3. How do I download and open a zip file?

Click or tap the link to the zip file. The file should download automatically to your computer. (A browser window or tab might also open, but you can close that tab.) Many computers automatically save files to a “Downloads” directory or on the Desktop. If you can’t find the file, go to your computer’s search feature and search for the file by name. Once you locate the file, follow the instructions for your operating systems below to “unzip” the file:

4. My files opened in a new browser tab or window. How do I save them to my computer?

Some browsers open files in a new browser tab or window. If that occurs, go to the tab that shows the file, then go to “File” in the menu above and choose “Save As” or “Save Page As.” Your computer will then give you the option to choose where to save the file. (We recommend that you save to your Desktop or another location you will be sure to remember.)

5. Adobe says it can’t read these files.

If you downloaded the file(s) to your computer, unzipped it (if necessary), and received an error message when you tried to open the files, you will need to look at this page at Adobe.com to diagnose the problem. If there is a problem with the file itself, once people start downloading it, we will be quickly alerted, and we will promptly fix it. You can always re-download from the download page once it is fixed (see questions #1 and #2). If the problem is with your Adobe Reader or the operating system of your computer, follow the instructions on that help page. For instance, you might need to…

  • Re-download the file directly to your hard drive and try opening it from there
  • Update, repair, or reinstall Abode
  •  Ensure your OS can recognize PDFs

6. Help! I tried to download the freebie on my phone, but now the file won’t open.

Many phones don’t have the software necessary to open the freebie file types. Simply take note of the page where the freebies are located and revisit that page on your computer. If you can’t find the page again, see the answer to question #2.

7. The freebie is over and I forgot to claim it. Is it too late?

Yes. We’re sorry, but our sponsors only agree to offer their products for free for a limited period of time.

8. Can I share the freebie with my friends?

Every freebie is under copyright protection (like physical books) and, therefore, cannot be shared. But you can share the link to where your friends can subscribe and claim the free offer themselves.

9. Do I have to subscribe to Homeschool Giveaways to get this freebie?

Yes. This freebie is exclusively available to our subscribers. However, by joining our list, you gain access to this freebie and other valuable offers.

10. Do you share my e-mail address with anyone when I claim the freebie offer?

Homeschool Giveaways and the sponsor of each individual freebie will receive your e-mail address, but no one else will receive your e-mail address. However, if you do not want us or the sponsor to receive your e-mail address, please do not claim the freebie offer.