How to Homeschool When Nobody Wants to Get Out of Bed

July 1, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Am I the only one? I could honestly stay in bed all day if I had the chance. Maybe I am just lazy, or my anemia makes me want to sleep and feel tired. However, homeschooling doesn’t really allow for us to just stay in bed. Or does it? Learning how to homeschool when nobody wants to get out of bed is a challenge, but it can be done.

How to Homeschool When Nobody Wants to Get Out of Bed

There was a time when I was going through some health issues, which made me anemic for 6 months straight. I was so tired and pale and I didn’t want to even get up in the morning. We had just moved to a new country, and thankfully, we were taking a break from school.

I honestly couldn’t imagine what I would have done if we were full-blown in school-mode while this was happening.

There are moms out there who homeschool with illness. Then other moms are just plain old tired.

So, we all know there will be those days – so, what should we do in our homeschools when nobody wants to get out of bed?

Ask the principal.

Mom, you indeed are in charge of steering this ship. If the principal says you stay in bed, then stay in bed. I will not lie to you. I make these decisions once and a while, and it is GREAT! My husband goes spearfishing sometimes. When he does, my kids, LOVE it.

Want to know why? They either take a day off to go with him or we can stay in bed and lounge all day. I figure when he takes a day off, I feel better about us taking a day off as well. It is a win:win for all of us.

Make lazy-stay-in-bed days, free reading days.

If you all want to stay in bed, at least get some reading in. Have your kiddos grab a book and make it a free reading day for everyone. Reading is always a good thing to enforce, and these lazy days are perfect for a book and resting.

Journal writing days are perfect for calm reflection

Is journal writing a part of your homeschool? Writing can really get kids expressing themselves in ways they sometimes can’t do verbally. Even at a young age, learners can journal with pictures. Give your children topics for the day to write about. Encourage them to write down their feelings or make up a story they can share with the family.

One Question a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal: Create Your Own Personal Time CapsuleOne Question a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal: Create Your Own Personal Time CapsuleDraw And Write Journal: Writing Drawing Journal For KidsDraw And Write Journal: Writing Drawing Journal For KidsLakeshore Draw & Write JournalLakeshore Draw & Write Journal


Don’t forget to nap.

Many times our families are go-go-go, and we tend to forget the need to rest for our bodies. Sometimes I see people getting ill to the point where they are confined to their bed for a while. I can’t help but wonder if the Lord is trying to get their attention, slow them down, and bring to remembrance  His sovereign will to be priority amid a never-ending, always moving thing we call life. In the stillness of His calm, take a nap alongside your children. Rest does our bodies right.

Focus on the Lord.

Do you need to take time in refocusing on the Lord? Like I mentioned above, the Lord makes ways for us to remember Him. You may not think you forget Him, but it’s evident in our lives at times that we do. If there are days your family just does not want to get out of bed, then shift your focus to Him. Leave your educational resources, learn about the Lord. Share Bible verses and chapters with your students.

You can totally use the freedom you have in homeschooling to make quality time within your family unit. We go from reading God’s Word, breakfast, homeschool, lunch, etc. so much that we feel as though we can do it on autopilot. Use this time to toss the schedule out the window momentarily to love on and enjoy your family.

When you find yourself and kids not wanting to get out of bed, don’t forget to make it count.

How to Homeschool When Nobody Wants to Get Out of Bed


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